Dec 30, 2010

Review of Hera Book 1 of The Goddess Chronicles

Book One of The Goddess Chronicles

by Julien Longo

My View, My Review, by Cynthia  Destiny, with all the promise of becoming, in a complete passage. If you know anything about Greek mythology, you know where the book Hera is going and the destiny for this great Greek Goddess. However, this story shows Hera very differently then ever before. In blood and flesh, she is human with human needs and battles within just like any mortal. To find herself, to find the Goddess within, and what strength is in being a Goddess? Imagine having that kind of strength and power and yet not knowing it, not understanding it. Until finally, the power within is found and released. The outcome, the result of, are acts unfurled in every attempt to maintain that feminine divine, and her individuality.

Dec 29, 2010

Life is Good Award

I was indeed enchanted with my first visit to The Enchanted Book. Selena has a really wonderful and beautiful blog. She is so good to include me in the Life Is Good AwardI appreciate you thinking of me Selena, Thank you!  I have chosen to pass this on to a few of my blogging friends. Each of you shine, and have exceptional blogs. You each have inspired me in one way or another and I surely hope you accept this as a way for us to connect yes, but also as a genuine token of friendship.

Dec 28, 2010

Author Julien Longo

About Julien ~

From early childhood, Julien Longo has been captivated by mysticism and the eternal journey of the soul. Raised on the island of Maui, she was strongly influenced by earth-based spiritual traditions and the healing properties of nature.

In writing The Goddess Chronicles, Julien drew heavily on her theological studies. She holds a M.A. in Humanities and Leadership, with an emphasis on Creation Spirituality from New College of California. She has attended the Squaw Valley Writers community and studied poetry with Lucille Clifton and Sharon Olds.

Wisława Szymborska

Wisława Szymborska

Wisława Szymborska, 1996 Nobel Prize in Literature recipient, was born in Prowent, Poland July 2, 1923. War and terroism will often be the subject of this author's writings in paradox, while employing irony, contradictions, and understatements, to exaggerate philosophical themes and obsessions. In the small pieces of poetry produced, large impacts on the human condition are abundant. Wisława has been described as modest and shy with a small amount of works actually being published.

Poet and Author Sandy Pool

Sandy Pool
Author and Poet

Sandy Pool is a writer and multi-disciplinary artist who lives in Toronto. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in English and Theatre Performance and holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Guelph. Sandy is a recipient of the Sharon Drummond Scholarship, and the Constance Rooke Scholarship in Creative Writing. Currently she teaches Writing Skills at Humber College, is working on an Opera commissioned by Tapestry New Opera Works, and is working on her PhD. in Canadian Literature and Creative Writing. Exploding Into Night is her first collection of poetry.

Dec 27, 2010

Interview with Julien Longo

Julien Longo
Author of
Hera Book 1 of The Goddess Chronicles

Thanks to Mariko Drouin from  FiredUp Communications, I was provided with the following interview along with other media material included in Julien Longo's Press Release. With the press release I also received a PDF of Hera Book 1 of The Goddess Chronicles. I am so charged up for this book! It is an amazing read and especially for those that love this genre with a genuine mystical feel.  My review for Hera is coming soon! The book Hera is fiction but written more like non-fiction and will be adored by those that know Hera and the other Greek Gods and Goddesses. Even if you have never read any Greek mythology, this is the one you should begin with! I very well may be doing my own interview with Julien Longo in the near future. For now these questions serve absolutely perfectly as they tell the story behind the story and share in grand detail of what makes this author the author of Hera Book 1 of The Goddess Chronicles.


Dec 20, 2010

2011 Support Your Local Library Challenge

2011 Support Your Local Library Challenge hosted by Book Junkie's BookShelf
  • Anyone can join. You don't need a blog to participate.
    Bloggers: Create a post for the challenge and link to your challenge post at Book Junkie's BookShelf .
    Non-Bloggers: Post your list of books in the comment section of the wrap-up post.
  • There are four levels to this challenge...Pick your poison:
    The Mini – Check out and read 30 library books.
    "Fun" Size – Check out and read 40 library books.
    Jumbo Size – Check out and read 50 library books.
    Mega Size – Check out and read 51+ library books.
    (Aim high. As long as you read 30 by the end of 2011, you are a winner.)
  • Audio, Re-reads, eBooks, YA, Young Reader – basically any book counts just as long as it is checked out from the library. Books MUST be checked out like with a library card, books purchased at a library DO NOT count.
  • No need to list your books in advance. You may select books as you go. Even if you list them now, you can change the list if needed.
  • Crossovers from other reading challenges count.
  • Challenge begins January 1st 2011 and goes thru December 31 2011.

    I might be nuts,
    I am going for the Mega Size!
    I plan to be reading in 2011
    and I get most of my books at the Library.

10 Good Things on a Monday!

The 10 Good Things on this Monday are:

(since it is the holiday season I am in the spirit and here's the run down on what's keeping me movin')

1.) The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson
 2.) The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado
 3.) An Amish Christmas by Beth Wisman, Kathleen Fuller, Barbara Cameron
 4.) Finding Noel by Richard Paul Evans
 5.) Mrs. Miracle by Debbie Macomber
 6.) Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber
 7.) A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman
 8.) The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge by True Book Addict
 9.) Let My Spirit Live Giveaway by Poetic Creations by abitosunshine
10.) 21 Days of Yule at By The Broomstick

Dec 19, 2010

Let My Spirit Live Giveaway @ Ruthi's

Ruthi has the spirit and she is sharing hers with all of us.
Visit her wonderful Poetic Creations by abitosunshine
for the complete details of this giveaway
and how you can participate to share your spirit as well!

Dusty Volumes 2011 Reading Challenge @ Midnyte Reader

 A really great reading challenge for 2011 from Midnyte Reader!
I am so looking forward to this challenge.
These are all publications before 1960.
Check out her site to read the details.
What I do not own, I will be grabbing from my local library.

My list of reads for Midnyte Reader's Dusty Volumes Reading Challenge:

Jane Austen's
Sense and Sensibility
Pride and Prejudice
Mansfield Park
Northanger Abbey

Edgar Allen Poe's
The Fall of the House of Usher
The Tell-Tale Heart

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote
Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Dec 18, 2010

Do you have a reading challenge for 2011 to share?

I love the challenges! If you have one why not come by and share it! I need a wider side bar to  make more room to share all of the fun things that are going on at The Wytch's Mirror! After the holidays I will be changing themes and getting all those 2011 things out in the open! I am still on my Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge reads. There is still plenty of time for this challenge as it goes until January 6th 2011. Of the six that I checked out of the library I am on a third, by Debbi Macombe, Christmas Letters. I am also still in the midst of reading  Hera Book One of The Goddess Chronicles. It is going great too and a read I highly recommend! There will be a review from me soon on each along with more press release on Hera and hopefully an author interview with Julien Longo!

Did I really mention 2011! Wow, I can not believe this year is almost over, on a personal note I wont be sorry to see it out and on with a new one. And, the reading challenges are everywhere for 2011! I am really looking forward to several of them but for now I have decided to get on board with a few. This is not my official linky link post for each challenge, I will be doing those later and individually, but just to get a start on what The Wytch's Mirror will be reading for 2011, here we go with Parajunkee's Vampire Challenge, and of course I would not miss The Gothic Reading Challenge. I want to do the Paranormal Erotic Reading Challenge at Bitten by Paranormal Romance, but not sure yet how to handle my reviews. And with all these going on it should be a must to get in on The Book Vixen's Outdo Yourself!

That's probably just a taste of what is in store for The Wytch's Mirror in the coming year. Do you have a challenge that you are participating in or one of your own to announce? Let me know about it!

Dec 17, 2010

The Game of Lies by Karen A. Lynch

The Game of Lies
Karen A. Lynch


  • Publisher: AuthorHouse 10.22.03
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 141079881X
  • ISBN-13: 978-1410798817
In The Game of Lies, an extraordinary, authentic spy novel, author Karen A. Lynch creates daring, true to life adventure offering the reader a glimpse into the high stakes worlds of espionage and international horse racing. The Game of Lies is the story of Alanna Reynolds, world-class breeder of Thorough bred racehorses and former CIA Intelligence Officer. A once proficient member of highly classified and skilled para-military group within the Central Intelligence Agency, Alanna's last five years have been spent raising champion Thorough bred racehorses in Bluegrass country. The death, while on a critical mission, of her CIA mentor and friend, Jake Carter, becomes the catalyst for her return to a deadly game of international intrigue on which the fate of the Middle East and world peace rests. Old scores to settle and an old love rekindled weave a web of mystery and romance throughout this exciting thriller.

About the Author:
Karen A. Lynch spent her entire life in the horse business. First as an equestrian and riding instructor, then as a breeder for clients of champion Thoroughbred race horses on her Kentucky farm, and most recently, as the owner and breeder of classic Spanish Andalusian horses. She was married to a former CIA Intelligence Officer, the late Grayston L. Lynch, who was the recipient of the CIA's Intelligence Star. Karen holds a BA in creative writing and political science from the University of Tampa. She was the ghostwriter for her husband's book Decision for Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs, author of the spy novel The Game of Lies and authored the stage production Cat Scanned. Karen is the mother of geologist Elizabeth Ann Haynes, and grandmother of future equestrian star, Amy Elizabeth Haynes. 
 Karen recently had this to say about her book 'The Game of Lies':  "It was really what inspired my horse trading associate to introduce me to Gray in the hopes I would help him write the book he was carrying around inside him. He never, in his wildest dreams, imagined Gray and I, would fall in love and marry. Life takes very strange turns, and if we follow willingly, leads us down very interesting roads. If I wrote my biography, some would classify it as fiction. It has been an amazing run!"

Dec 16, 2010

Ruthi Reads WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDS -12.15.10

Book One of The Goddess Chronicles
Julien Longo

This week I am reading Hera Book One of The Goddess Chronicles by Julien Longo. This is a PDF provided to me by Mariko Drouin from FiredUp Communications. Since this is book one I am already looking forward to more books. Hera is spectacular! This is a must read and I am so excited about this book!

Florida Cause For Paws! Cat Rescue

Florida Cause For Paws!
Cat Rescue

My friend Karen Lynch of War of Wits Publishing Ltd  and author of Game of Lies is currently homing several stray cats and kittens, feeding and caring for them, and keeping them from being homeless.

A very special feline friend that has come to be into Karen's life via her shelter while giving all those strays a warm place to sleep and food to eat, is Finn McCool. A famous feline author and Finn is also spokescat for Karen's cat rescue Florida Cause For Paws! You can read the stories from Finn McCool! and Finn also has his own shop with all the proceeds going to Florida Cause For Paws! It can be quit costly with vet visits, feedings, bedding, and keeping fresh litter on hand for the rescue. Buying something from Finn McCool's Shop will definitely help with Karen's cause.

Below is a badge in support of Florida Cause For Paws! Cat Rescue. If you would copy and paste it in your sidebar or even make a post, that would be great! Help spread the word and get some hits at the shop to help support Karen and her cat rescue! Thank you ever so much!

Florida Cause For Paws Cat Rescue

Interview with Author Brenda Youngerman

Brenda Youngerman author of Private Scars, Sorrowed Souls, Hidden Truths, Restored Hope, and Public Lies.

My Interview with Author Brenda Youngerman

Thank you Brenda for taking the time to answer a few questions. I guess a really great place to begin is with the holiday season. Do you have any special plans for your celebrations?

Well this year my daughter is getting married on the 29th - so everything else seems rather small. I will have all of my children home from the 27th on and there will be a state of controlled pandemonium at the house.

I also want to thank you for my copy of Sorrowed Souls. It was a read that I could not put down and it touched me incredibly, leaving a lasting impression on me. It never occurred to me that I am not compassionate, but your book Sorrowed Souls rekindled something, reminding me that I can be a better human being.

First I guess, you're welcome for the copy and second thank you for that compliment. That is actually what I normally try to generate with my books. I want to leave a lasting impression. I believe a book should take you on a ride that lasts long after the final page. I also think that, especially now, everyone of us could take a step back and realize that there are so many people in worse situations than we are in.

My favorite character in Sorrowed Souls is Gus. If you had to pick one favorite character in that particular book, which one would it be?

I think my favorite in that book had to be Amy/Amber - she went through so much. The metamorphosis that she experiences in this book is amazing to walk through.

If you had to pick one favorite character of all those that you have written about, could you pick just one, and which one would that be?

In Hidden Truths there is one characters Gwendolyn Nelson who literally grows up unwanted, unloved and uncared for. She tries everything she can to make her mother love her and it never works but as her story built I fell in love with her and couldn't get her out of my head.

Readers relate to subjects and we are drawn to particular titles. I know personally I was drawn to Sorrowed Souls for many reasons. There is a lot going on in Sorrowed Souls. I am curious if there was one thing in particular that was a driving force in getting Sorrowed Souls started and fueled?

Each of my novels were written with a 'purpose' in mind. Sorrowed Souls was supposed to be a novel to bring to light the plight of the homeless community --- well that didn't happen! Instead the 'great depression' happened and homelessness became reality so I wrote a novel depicting reality.

It is no secret that you stand for 'Fiction With A Purpose'. Not only referring to Sorrowed Souls, but in reference to your writing style...Does the fiction find you in your life or is it something completely made up and make believe?

Incredible as it may sound it all comes right off of my fingertips. Now don't let that fool you into thinking that I haven't seen or heard or read something somewhere or somehow that might be similar or close to that. I am, after all, a people watcher and I love to imagine what's going on between two people.

I know you have a book ready to be out soon and I am excited to hear more about it.

I do~ Disrupted Lives was just sent to the Publisher - it was originally a book about a young woman being forced to give up her baby for adoption when her boyfriend was sent off to Vietnam and it follows the life of the child and his adoptive family as well as his biological family. Unfortunately for him his adoptive grandmother is a racist, southern bigot with bloodline issues and adoption is not considered family.

Do you have any other projects in the works for your readers?

I have a couple of other books under way as well.

Do you have any sage advice to share for aspiring writers with an idea for a book?

Write for yourself, not for anyone else.

Thank you again Brenda for your time and for sharing. Congratulations to you and your family on your daughter's upcoming wedding! I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Dec 15, 2010

The Wytch's List - Hera Book 1 of The Goddess Chronicles

Hera Book One of the Goddess Chronicles

FireRaven Press Publishing
Publication Date: Nov. 2010
ISBN: 0982648901,
Book One of The Goddess Chronicles
by: Julien Longo

Leap into the mythical lives, romances and mystical adventures of  the Greek Goddesses and Gods in author Julien Longo’s new fantasy series, The Goddess Chronicles. The series begins with Hera, queen of the Greek gods, telling the story of her mortal life which leads to her immortal transformation. Longo reinvents the
Greek creation story and sets in motion an epic tale of mysticism, spiritual awakening and immortal love.

Hera’s story begins in the company of her childhood friends, Artemis and Apollo, as they go out to hunt the boar along Atlantis’ jungle shores. Young and too eager for glory, Hera plunges into disaster discovering a mystical ability that changes the direction of her life forever. She is taken into the mystery of the Emerald Temple, home of powerful priestesses, where she discovers her true lineage. Hera struggles to guard the Mysteries of the Temple and face her royal destiny.

Longo’s retelling of the Greek pantheon’s creation, through Hera’s point of view, explores a time before the existence of God when the prominent spiritual understanding was one of a genderless divine. Readers journey with Hera into the life of a priestess and the heart of mysticism.

In writing The Goddess Chronicles, author Julien Longo drew heavily on her theological studies. She holds a M.A. in Humanities and Leadership, with an emphasis on Creation Spirituality, from New College of California. She has attended Squaw Valley Writers Community, and studied poetry with Lucille Clifton and Sharon Olds. When a life-changing injury forced her to leave her work in middle school education, she turned to the mystic traditions she had studied and put them into practice in order to cope with her illness, reclaim her life, and heal. Julien teaches mystic practices and is the founder of Mystic Pie and The Healing Tribe. She lives in California.

PDF and Press Release provided by Mariko Drouin FiredUp Communications

Dec 14, 2010

Karen A. Lynch and Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat

Karen A. Lynch
Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat!

It was in 2006 when I first became acquainted with Karen Lynch and her web site War of Wits Publishing Ltd. My awards program for Giving Words was just opening and Karen was there to boost my morale and to give me encouragement to carry on with my endeavor of promoting literacy. It was an exciting experience to review her site. The book 'War of Wits' by Ladislas Farago, is the inspiration for the site's name and when Karen is complimented on the design and functioning, she eagerly admits credit going to Jo Phillips of Spiral Pixel Design.

Karen A. Lynch, and her late husband Grayston L. Lynch have shared their books and their life experiences giving flavor to their subject and introducing us to a world of secrecy, spies and the Bay of Pigs invasion. It is 'Decision For Disaster; Betrayal at the Bay of Pigs' by Grayston L. Lynch that I won in a contest and Karen sent to me signed by Gray. The contests have since closed with the archives still available. Karen also shares with us her love of horses with several descriptive pages and galleries of beautiful photographs. There is great pride in the Lynch home for their Andalusian horses and the information was included to introduce this incredible breed to as many people as possible.

It is also perfectly clear the motivation and inspiration shared at 'War of Wits' for those with a writing interest. Loads of information is provided in the area On Writing to lead writers well on their way towards publication. There are the Story Blogs that share both Karen's and Finn's stories, and where guest writers are also welcomed and encouraged to submit their own stories.

Back when I first reviewed 'War of Wits' I asked Karen  "What has been your inspiration?" She responded to me with the following. "I was attending my high school prom the very night the invasion took place. I only learned about the invasion when a business associate, also involved in the Thoroughbred horse breeding business, informed me he had been a participant. It was he, who introduced me to Gray. Over the past 19 years, Gray and I have been very involved in the writing of an accurate history of these events." It was after reading that statement from her that every aspect of  'War of Wits' weaved together for me, making the site what it is to the reader and what it represents.

Recently I was introduced to her very special feline friend Finn McCool pictured below, and it is Finn's stories that struck up my interest to contact Karen for permission to share with you her creativity. What a wonderful literary treat to read Finn's magical stories. You must pay them a visit and take some time to settle in for good reading! In emails with Karen the information below was shared with me and I am thrilled to pass it onto the readers.

Finn McCool is a real cat, born of a very feral mother in Karen Lynch's bedroom. Finn has been writing stories since 2008 (with the help of Karen of course). His friend Floyd the Dog was the first to publish them in his Story Club. Now Finn McCool is a world renowned, international award winning author, read in more then 60 countries over six continents. Cheyenne Booker, a friend and wonderful artist, illustrates Finn's stories making them even more magical.

Check out the Story Index for all stories!

Here is a special treat and just perfect for the holiday season! In fact, it is this story in particular that caught my attention and struck up the recent emails between Karen and myself. It just seemed like a read everyone could really enjoy about now. 

A Candle in the Window by Finn McCool the Magic Leprechaun Cat

Nollaig Shona! That, in Gaelic, the language of my homeland, Ireland, means Happy Christmas. Ireland is a land of magic and at no time is the magic felt more then at Christmas.

A revered Irish Christmas tradition is the “Candle in the Window”, meant to light the way for the Holy Family and for any poor traveler looking for shelter.
A Candle in the Window appeared in Catnip Chronicles. It is Finn's second story to be published in that e-zine. Cheyenne and Karen Lynch are working on a book to be titled The Nine Lives of Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat. All of Finn's stories are based on Irish legend, folklore, or history, to which they add a bit of leprechaun magic for fun. Please read A Small Miracle Named Lady Angel, you will be touched and learn so much of this dear woman Karen A. Lynch, not to mention... this really is the beginning of the Magic Leprechaun Cat.

'Florida Cause for Paws'
Karen also shared with me about her cat rescue 'Florida Cause for Paws'. She explained that they are on overload this year and they are not only sheltering their regulars, but they have fifteen new kittens that need homes. The last I heard from Karen, she had a new addition, a beautiful white kitten with lime green eyes and she decided on the name Noel.  

It is a real pleasure to let you all know about Karen, her wonderful website, her creativity and her kind heart. Finn McCool has a little shop and all the proceeds go toward the cat rescue 'Florida Cause for Paws'. It is a great time to make a few online purchases as gifts and in the process you are donating to a great cause. 

Finn McCool's online store for Florida Cause For Paws

Finn McCool, the Magic Leprechaun Cat, here to offer you a true Irish welcome to my new Internet shop.

I invite you to buy a souvenir of your visit. All profits from the sale of the souvenirs go to help Florida Cause For Paws care for the many homeless and helpless cats and kittens who find their way our door. I ask you to make a little magic of your own by being a friend to Florida Cause For Paws.

I hope that you will come back to visit me in me new home many times. Don’t forget to be calling in at me story blog at, to read the latest Magic Leprechaun Cat tale told by me or one or another of my writer friends.

Dec 13, 2010

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

'The Christmas Candle'
Max Lucado

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

Hosted by: Michelle - The True Book Addict
Hosted at:


The Christmas CandleThe Christmas Candle by Max Lucado

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What does God do with a man of faith that has lost his? God sends that man to a small town filled with souls in need and surrounded by those that truly believe. The mysteries of God will remain in tact while miracles will be gifted and accepted. To those that learned to question, will now learn to surrender to the light shed out for their path.

If you have an empty Saturday slot, you can finish this little book in an afternoon. It is a charming story in a setting of horse and buggy. A small town, with a church, a candle shop, a candle maker and his wife, with all the people there coming together to share the light that their faith has brought to them, both individually and to them as a whole.

View all my reviews@ Good Reads



Recommend This Read:
Yes, I highly recommend this read to everyone of all ages, but especially during the holiday season. 

A Second Read:
Yes. I can see this book as being one that will go on a holiday reading list for a traditional holiday read.

Newbie Blog Hop for new (and not so new) bloggers!

Hosted by Lazy Girl Reads! I am still feeling so new and still getting use to blogging about books. Finding my way around and getting to know other book bloggers is great fun! So, when I saw at Barb's Sugarbeat's that Lazy Girl Reads was hosting a Newbie Blog Hop for us newbie book bloggers, I was there! You can come too! It's for all of us newbies and for everyone!

Dec 12, 2010

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge
Hosted by: Michelle - The True Book Addict
Hosted at:

 A Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson

'The Spirit' can easily be found this time of year. Maybe because there are plenty of people really looking for that something special about the season. The characters of the little story 'A Christmas Dog' certainly receive their share of all the good the season can bring them, only IF they are willing to receive it.

My favorite from the book.

"We have decided how this thing called Christmas is going to go down. We have our agendas, we've made our plans." He chuckled "But you know what they say about the plans of mice and men."

If you are anything like me you can expect some tears. It is definitely a heart warming story and really perfect for the season. You might think you know this story by the title and the cover before you ever open a page. You are in for a cute, surprising, and energetically written tale of people with some distance between them, really coming together.
A Christmas Dog
Melody Carlson


Recommend This Read:
Yes, I highly recommend this read to everyone of all ages, but especially during the holiday season. 

A Second Read:
Yes. I can see this book as being one that will go on a holiday reading list for a traditional holiday read.

Dec 9, 2010

Pagan Blog Prompt: Ethics and the Economy

We all know the economy is in a downward spiral as of late, and because of that, people have become willing to sell just about anything they can to make some extra money. While selling material goods is one thing, how do you feel about people that charge for spiritual services?

For example, does it make one a bad person if one sells Tarot or Palm readings to make ends meet? What about the folks who offer spiritual advice and guidance without divination tools, and charge for that service? Is this really a matter of ethics at all? 

It is a matter of ethics and the giver needs to be sincere and honest with themselves and their client. If the receiver is there willingly and knows what is about to happen rather with runes, cards, palm or other and no tools, then it is a mutual agreement going in with sincerity and trust being at the helm. With that said-Anyone that has a skill or trade, earns money using their talent. A painter makes money painting, a carpenter makes money building, and so on. It is not any different for someone that has a divine gift to use what has been given to earn a living and to take care of themselves. Especially if having a hard time making ends meet. What I think is wrong is to take advantage of people especially at times like these with the economy as it is. People are in turmoil and they are turning to other people and to things as their last hope and if one knows that and they use that misery or misfortune to make a prophet in anyway then that is a misuse of one's gift. It is also down heartening to see someone lie and to fake people out when they are not gifted at all. If someone does have a gift, and they are being fair with their clients, I think they should feel guilt free and blessed.

Gothic Reading Challenge 2011

Susan B. Evans is hosting the Gothic Reading Challenge for 2011. Although I am thinking of Christmas reads and other books that are coming my way, I really wanted to get in on this challenge for the coming year! It sounds great! Thanks Susan!

There is nothing better than a great Gothic read - crumbling old castles, mysterious legends, shadowy characters, supernatural beings and unexplainable events, make for some of the most haunting and captivating reading imaginable.

There are four levels of participation to choose from:

 A Little Madness - Read just 1 novel with Gothic elements.

The Darkness Within - Read 5 novels with Gothic elements.

A Maniacal Frenzy - Read 10 novels with Gothic elements.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know - Read 20 novels with Gothic elements.

The rules are listed on sign up post and you can hit the Gothic Reading Challenge graphic above to get there. It sounds like a lot of fun and my favorite kind of reads, so I will be doing 'The Darkness Within' level.


Ruthi Reads WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDS

Christmas Candle by Max Lucado

The driver pulled the horses to a halt, and a young man stood to exit. He bore beady eyes, a pointed chin, and this angular nose seemed to descend forever before finding a place to stop. With a tall hat in his hand and a black coat draped on his shoulders, Rev. David Richmond surveyed the crowd. Edward detected a sigh. “We must appear odd to him, “he whispered to Bea.
WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDSShe cupped an ear toward him. “What?” He shook his head not wanting to risk being overheard.
A goggle-eyes locksmith, so humped from filing he had to greet the...

This is another Christmas book, one of six from the library, for the Christmas Reading Challenge. It is another short and easy read with 191 pages, and each page averaging maybe 150 words each.

Dec 7, 2010

Ruthi Reads WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDS

I am incredibly late with this and my apologies Ruthi. Tomorrow a new one announced and I will be more ready prepared. It is unbelievable how quickly the days go in December. Anyway, this is my read, and should have been listed for December 1st weekly readings.  See you tomorrow Ruthi!


But now as Betty drove her old car toward her neighborhood, she was mindful of Pastor Gordon’s words.  And thus she became cognizant of her second sin. Not only did she not love her neighbor, she was afraid that she hated him wholeheartedly. But then again, she reminded herself, it wasn’t as if Jack Jones lived right next to her.  He wasn’t her next door neighbor. Not that it made much difference, since only a decrepit cedar fence separated their backyards. It was, in fact, that rotten old fence that had started their dispute in the first place.

Dec 6, 2010

Twisted Webs by mail

Today, in my mail box, I received my advanced readers copy of Twisted Webs by Darlene Quinn.


Dec 4, 2010

Sorrowed Souls - Reviewed

Sorrowed Souls
by Brenda Youngerman

Review written by Cynthia Jones

The threads of fate beautifully weave; The beholder often times refuses to see.
Sorrowed Souls' has left a lasting impression on me. I spent quite a bit of the time crying, and sobbing at times too. It was horrific what the characters had to endure and how their lives were changed by cruel acts. Not once in the story did I ever feel that the characters were over reacting to their life happenings. I felt compassion that their life choices, and their pain was pretty much justified. However, sometimes I witnessed them missing their mark and they could have without a doubt avoided some or all of the pain they seemed to willingly absorb.

I cry for these people as if they are real to me, because they are real. Every day real people are suffering the way these characters suffered. The homeless are highlighted in this book with a real look at how one living on the street might have gotten there, and how they might survive. Often times in this life, it takes grand moments of fate to snap us back and to get us on track. Thankfully there are great books like 'Sorrowed Souls' and great authors like Brenda Youngerman, that we can be shown in words our mistakes before we are truly faced with the torture of ourselves.

Dec 2, 2010

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

Hosted by: Michelle - The True Book Addict
Hosted at:

The Details:
  • challenge will run from Friday, November 26, 2010 (Black Friday) through January 6, 2010 (Twelfth Night or Epiphany).
  • cross overs with other challenges is totally permitted AND encouraged!
  • These must be Christmas novels, books about Christmas lore or a book of Christmas short stories (sorry, no children's books, but YA novels are okay).
  • visit this POST for a list of new Christmas books for 2010.  Also, Richard Paul Evans has a new book out this year, Promise Me.  His Christmas books are among my favorites during the Christmas season.
  • Levels:
            --Candy Cane:        read 1 book
            --Mistletoe:            read 2-4 books
            --Christmas Tree:  read 5 or 6 books (this is the fanatic level...LOL!)


I wanted to get in on this challenge with it being the holiday season and I'm signing up with Mistletoe. I found a wonderful read at Netgalley, so to begin this challenge with

A Simple Amish Christmas
by: Vannetta Chapman

Dec 1, 2010

Sorrowed Souls by Brenda Youngerman

"The eyes are said to be the window to the soul. Have you ever looked at someone whose eyes have no light? Follow the journey out of the darkness."

Arriving today by mail is my copy of Brenda Youngerman's 'Sorrowed Souls'. I have been excited about this author since reading about her from Ruthi Cox. It is always a ton of fun to get a new book and I am totally psyched. When finished reading, there will be a review and Brenda has graciously agreed to an interview. My very young book blog has something wonderful to look forward to, and I have a great new read waiting for me...
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Blessed Be!