Jan 9, 2011

My S.O.S. Sorting Out Sunday 01.09.11

A pretty Sunday in Ohio but cold, a great day to relax, feel better from fighting this cold all week, and to get a few things tidied up. Another layout, just trying to find something that fits :)

~I actually was able to get three of the books I had on hold at the library, Fallen, Vampire Academy, and Evermore. I thought Shiver would be there. Now I realize it was at another branch. What is so neat is I can put books on hold from those other branches. This really widens my options. There were so many books that were not ready available at my local branch, and I just thought I was s... out of luck. Now I know that I can put those books on hold and when my branch gets them, the library lets me know! All I have to do is walk in, show my card, and the books are waiting for me! Everyone else probably already knows they can do that, but I just think this is so cool, and I want to give a shout out about how we should be utilizing our local libraries. If we do not use them, they will think we do not need them and when funding is cut, it might be your local library that is closed.

My site Giving Words got a little edit today. There is still more to do, stuff like that is never done. I have noticed that the topsite list is not doing so well. If there isn't more interest, I may delete it. Before I do, I just want to give it one more go.
If you would like to add your site, you are very welcome!

Giving Words Topsites Opens New Window
Add Your Site!


I'm going to try to make some rounds this week to see what all my blogging friends are up to. I have not meant to be so offish, but I have really felt terrible and dial up is bad on a good day :) so everyone have a wonderful Sunday, or what is left of it, and hope your week is a good one.
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