Jan 19, 2011

Ruthi Reads! WoW Weekly 100 Words 01.19.11

A Novel by Steve North

I still have a sweet little pile of borrowed books from my library that I am so wanting to read through for that contest, and to win a new book. Not to mention they are books I have been really looking forward to reading. Well, on Saturday I received in my mailbox a copy of Mauria by Steve North. It looks absolutely wonderful and I can not wait, so it is my next read. Here we are with a 100 word teaser, it really is right up my alley. It's going to be a fun one :)

Chapter One 'Winter Love'

Blisfur had love bitten Kurk. He had grabbed his arm in fright watching her orange tinted saliva soak into the tiny wound. He had reached for his alloy reed, its shiny knife-edge menacing the smiling Blisfur. He felt the warm ooze of the drug enter his mind. He became too weak to even weave the alloy knife. He rolled about in the Carpetweed, feeling the cool bristles tickle his face. An Orclid pod puffed under his chin, his jaw twitched, and his teeth snapped into an apple fruit which had rolled against his mouth.

A liquid warmth spread from the…


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