Jan 8, 2011

Vampire Chronicles Challenge - The Queen of the Damned

The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice is the third of The Vampire Chronicles

Lestat walks in his dark world with questions. Can he, the Vampire Lestat really die? Where did all vampires come from? Who was the first vampire? It is his questioning and his curiosity that drives the force of this story. It is his unsettled passions that wake up the great Akasha. Well, his passions and his music, his daring, his calling out to them all, and the violin played at her feet. The Mother of all Vampires! The Queen of the Damned! Akasha heard him, and Akasha is awake!

A reader that is unfamiliar with Anne Rice or unfamiliar with The Vampire Chronicles, can pick up any one of the books in any sequence and get a good read. In the book The Queen of the Damned, their bloodline and their beginning is revealed.

~Anne Rice~


You can keep up with the author Anne Rice by visiting her website at http://www.annerice.com/. While visiting you will find many sources of great fun to keep up with this Gothic queen. There is also a fan club for all those that have lost their hearts to their favorite vampire Lestat.

My read is my own book that I purchased years ago for my own personal enjoyment. I have re-read my book to write this review and for 2011 reading challenges.
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