Oct 31, 2011

Halloween Treat C.V. Hunt

Halloween is my favorite holiday. In celebration of the holiday I want to give you all a treat. I am currently writing a zombie book, but I haven’t set a title in stone as of yet.
When I wrote the Endlessly series, my goal was to write each book from a different character’s point of view. With this zombie book my goal is for each chapter to be written from a different character’s point of view. I like to present myself with a challenge when writing a story. Just a reminder, this is the rough draft, and hasn’t been edited. Enjoy!

In this world filled with somebodies, I am nobody. Every person has great dreams, ambitions, and goals - except me. My only goal is survival, but in reality, that’s not a goal. Survival is the natural instinct of every living thing on earth, but I’m not living. I died a long time ago.
I sit in this closet, and wait. My body is dead and it will not function. Spencer put me in here before he ran off to live his life for another day. When he gets back he’ll feed me like the family pet. It’s because he can’t let go - and let me truly be dead - that I sit in here, like a broken toy, collecting dust.
So I wait, unable to move or speak. I don’t even think that I can define my existence as survival, because survival is something that you strive for. I don’t want this anymore. All I have are my thoughts to pass the time. I don’t know if they truly are my thoughts. Spencer told me that my brain had died, and that it was my spirit that he had resurrected. So my soul is trapped, with nothing to do but think, and wait. My body grows stiffer every day, and slowly, I’m starting to fall apart. A few strands of hair here, a patch of skin there… over time it’s going to add up.
I wish he would just bury me already. Rotting in the ground has to be better than this. He has to know that I truly want to be dead, not because I told him, but he has to see what a horrible existence this is. I can’t tell him how awful this is because I can’t speak. How could I? My lungs do not work.
Spencer created me this way. It was something that we read about, and fancied, but I never really thought he would try it. I think it’s because I am his brother that he keeps me here.
I stood up for him when we were growing up. Isn’t that the bigger bother’s duty? Children are cruel, and quick to point out physical deformities. I spent most of my adolescences with blackened eyes and busted lips, because I wasn’t about to let other kids make fun of Spencer. He is my brother, and besides our mother, the only family I had – that I knew of. Once mother was gone, and we were orphaned, Spencer and I found out why mother kept us in the dark about family. Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if mother would have lived. Would I still be alive?
So I wait, and listen carefully to the muffled crying from above. I can hear the music playing, but it’s the wrong kind of music. It doesn’t have a beat to it. Funeral home music never does. I need something that will mimic a heartbeat. It’s the only way I can move around on my own.
Even with an artificial beat of music moving me, I will only move in futile attempts of living. Spencer will feed me, because when you are dead, hunger is the only thing you feel. It’s a different kind of hunger than what I remember. I need life. Every part of my body starves for life, but all he feeds me is death. The entrails of the dead that he has prepared for their funerals, it’s the best that he can do, and sometimes if I’m lucky, a stray cat or two. My body is only craving what it doesn’t have.
So I wait, and I think. How much longer is he going to keep me this way? I wish my desire to end this existence was stronger than my instinct for survival. I don’t want this anymore, but I don’t have any control over my body.
I know that somewhere there is a beautiful grave marker, and under it an expensive and empty casket – I long to be there.
If you would like to keep up-to-date with my writing, or learn about my proof copy contest, visit my site www.authorcvhunt.com HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
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C.V. Hunt
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