Feb 28, 2011

Guest Writer: Author Brenda Youngerman

Read the first chapter of Disrupted Lives at www.brendayoungerman.com
It is my pleasure to welcome the author of Disrupted Lives Brenda Youngerman, as my first Guest Writer at The Wytch's Mirror. While Brenda is making the final touches to Disrupted Lives, and getting ready for its release, she is sharing some of what has gone into her latest project. 

Guest Writer - Brenda Youngerman

The Wytch's Mirror

I am often asked what makes me want to write the book I have just written or the book I am writing and that is always a really hard question to answer. The reason for that is because although I set out to write a book with an idea in my mind, that is never the book that ends up being the final outcome. Let's take for example, Disrupted Lives.

I started out writing a book about adoption and how that fifty years ago teen pregnancy was handled quite differently than it is handled today - and although I did delve into that subject in Disrupted Lives this book became something much, much deeper than that!  I had no inclination when I started the book that it would end up spanning one hundred years or that it would become a tale of social and racial discrimination. That just happened!

I have a degree in history and as I started the research into the time frame of the 'unwanted' pregnancy, I could not ignore the other factors happening at the same time. Vietnam, civil unrest and anti war rallies all happened. But to get to that period I had to back up even further. This book ended up being written backward and then forward.

I have actually never had so much fun writing a book - nor have I ever worked so hard to write a book. The most amazing part of it is that it only took 10 weeks!

The book cover - that is a biggy! I usually have it all figured out by now - but Disrupted Lives is a different - there are so many things going on in this book that capturing its essence on the cover is elusive at best. I have suggested a large Southern mansion with two different couples set of to either sets of the foreground - one affluent and one not so - but I have a feeling the art department might not get what I actually want.

Favorite Quote
"Those who do not learn from their past are condemned to repeat it."

Favorite Insert from Disrupted Lives
“You can’t change her, and you definitely should not change yourself to please anyone....It’s not a name that makes a person, but a person that makes a name.”

I have lived in Southern California all of my life and grew up in a large family. I had the auspicious luck of being the youngest member of that family. My parents divorced when I was young and that was during a time when divorce was not the 'in' thing to do, so we were the only kids in school with divorced parents. I became an observer, or an outsider, looking in. It was not an envious position to be in as a child, but made great memories for later stories.

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Feb 25, 2011

Pondering with a Purpose -2

At Brenda Youngerman's Fiction with a Purpose,
we are invited and welcomed to share our writing to a prompt weekly. It is a fun blog hop! I hope to see you there!

Today's Pondering with A Purpose Prompt: Beauty:In any format you are comfortable with - prose, poem, bullets, story, rhyme, etc, that speaks to beauty.

My Pondering on Beauty


Vision, of all our senses, can easily cast for us beauty, ina single moment in time. We depend upon our eyes, to see the beauty before us.We then use our other senses to be sure, to determine and justify it. We mighttouch it to feel if it is indeed worthy of beauty. We might taste it, with a biteof a bright red juicy apple, or lick our snow covered mitten, or kiss a waitingmouth.

Our senses will come alive and we can actually smell whattakes us completely over the edge, burying us in beauty. From that pointforward whenever we smell that particular scent, a memory will burst from theseams of our compressed mind.

A melody can play. A singer can sing. A lover can whispersweet nothings. All our brain can say to us is…. beauty.  When the ears hear that sound, or the tonguetastes that taste, and when the fingers touch that silky soft memory, the eyescreate their own memory and beauty is breathed in.

It is beauty. And what beautiful feelings it transcribes. Andbeauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Some say love is blind. What islove blinding us from? Is it blinding our eyes from what we might truly see or blindingour hearts from what simply is true?

We too often see only what we want to see, in many things.It can seem easy to figure a person out, or to think we know the ins and theouts, of any situation. That is a very blinding notion to take. Be careful.There is beauty that will be missed, should we deviate.

I love the saying ‘don’t judge a book by the cover’. Itreally is true. Bad does not always come in a clearly marked package, andneither does the good. Sometimes people are truly worn down and wornout, yet their heart is filled with compassion and empathy.

Beauty surely does reside with the skin that is long livedand shriveled. Every line is a path, a lesson lived, a lesson learned, andsomething beautiful given. Age, by some is feared and age changes us, insideand out.  Sometimes, that is when beautyis truly defined and takes full blossom where it may not have even had lifebefore.


I think beauty is opening our eyes, really, opening oureyes. What we see might not fall in the beauty category at all, but what we seemight actually be what we are meant to see and what we truly need at that verymoment. Maybe we should think of beauty as only a moment in time, and that allthings end and transform to something other. Will it always be beautiful? Itwill, if the essence is remembered.

Feb 23, 2011

Ruthi Reads! WoW Weekly 100 Words 2.23.11

WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDSWe meet up at Ruthi's every Wednesday (sometimes I am running a day or three behind ) to share our current read. If you have not been, come on over!  Here's mine....
Ironhorse roared, and Puck’s dagger flashed out, a devilish grin stretching his face at the thought of violence. The redcaps surged forward, snarling and gnashing their teeth, just as eager I grabbed a silver knife from the table and held it ready as the redcaps lunged forward. One of them leaped onto the table, gathering his short legs under him to launch himself at us, fangs gleaming.
"That is enough!"
We froze. It was impossible not to. Even the redcap on the table locked up. Then fell into a bowl of fruit salad. Leanansidhe stood at the end of the table,

Feb 22, 2011

Pondering with a Purpose

Thinking on Thursday - Pondering with a Purpose
is hosted at Fiction with a Purpose by Brenda Youngerman and I am days late with adding my post. Forgive me Brenda, and I will meet up with you again this coming Thursday.

Word Association
We are doing a word association for a writing prompt and Brenda has given us a list of words that were randomly chosen. We can select three of the words for our writing. The word list is below.

Ability. Certificate. Struggle. Slight. Expectation. Hardware. Riding. Embedding. Landscape. Laying.

Select three of them and tell me what they mean to you. You can be as detailed or limited as you like.

I will use hardware, landscape, laying.

The landscape surrounding my home is in dire need. It's cold and brown with spurts of green showing, almost calling for me to get out there and work my hands. Soon, I will be laying life to grow. While I wait for warmer days to heat the soil, this hardware before me keeps my finger busy and my blood flowing. This hardware, affectionately called metal brain, boxy leenie, or just plain puter poo frustrates me sometimes and the name calling begins, but most of the time... I'm laying life to grow. On the internet? On a computer? Grow what? Growing inspiration, knowlege, friends...laying life to grow. It might sound impossible, or not really what one would think of when comparing landscape to hardware. Being inside is nothing comparable to being outside. It is what we do, and what we do with it. Whether we plant in soil, or plant in wires, we can be laying life to grow if we choose. I am still longing to get my flowers, bulbs, and lots of seeds. This landscape is in dire need, as am I. And, thankfully I have this hardware to aid me in laying footwork for my life to grow.

Feb 17, 2011

Book Review The Iron King

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

My view and review by Cynthia... The World of the Fey thrive and exists with our thoughts, imagination, creativity, and dreaming. When humans redirect their dreaming to something other than Winter or Summer, there is a fake, metallic world that is brought to life. It is the existence of Machina that threatens the entire fairyland.

Feb 14, 2011

Kiss, kiss Valentine

And when there is just one touch left in these finger tips they will still reach for you. Your love, your love. When my days are numbered and there are so few left, mine will reach for you. My love, my love. Treasures of the mind we see, together making all that is and was, what is now what will be, our love, our love.

The words may not find my lips, but they are not lost completely, the path to my heart is open, and yours, with your kiss. I close my eyes and my vision is of you with my mind re-creating those moments...you know...our moments. Your lips and your kiss are what I taste and ache for, yes that incredible mouth.... I think your soul really does live in there and I peek inside, with all of mine. I see you love. I see you. Your soul calls to mine, and takes over my nights. Is there anything else but you? When all else fails me in this world, yours is my steadfast anchor, you are my rock. You... and your kiss...your sweet kiss. Sweet ecstasy in your kiss, on your lips, on mine. Not one day will I ever exist without you, without your kisses.

My lips tingle as they intertwine
your bottom lip, in between mine
softly sucking, so moist so wet
a gentle bite and then a tug
our bodies embrace
a soft whisper over flesh
kiss me... kiss me...


Lips are for kissing
so soft and beautiful
  luscious mounds waiting
put yours to mine
kiss me... kiss me...


Tease me with your tongue
brushing over my flesh
our lips touch and we kiss
succulent, sensual, pleasing
smoothly, gently sliding
our lips, a wet moist seam
kiss me... kiss me...


Your mouth protruding
thick and tantalizing
taunt me... tease me...
My lips are sealed
kiss me...

Feb 11, 2011

Hop and Squidoo at Marsha's Spot

Squidoo is a place to easily share our content.  It is a fascinating process and a very accessible tool. The pages of content that we then create are referred to as lenses. My lenses have been basically my book reviews while I get more familiar with Squidoo and all I can do with it.I blog and now I Squidoo, so I am probably going to cross post my work at times. Some get squeamish at the thought of re-posting content. I could be wrong, it has been known to happen before, but from what I understand there are no ramifications if the content is switched around a little, so to not post the exact same thing over and over.

Ruthi Reads! WoW Weekly 100 Words 02.09.11

 Last week I played with wolves, this week I'm going to Faeryland with Megan, but first before I go, I'm stopping off at Ruthi's to share 100 words from The Iron Fey

 The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDSPale silver light flooded the room. The clearing beyond the door frame was surrounded by enormous trees, so thick and tangled I couldn’t see the sky through the branches. A curling mist crept along the ground, and the woods were dark and still, as if the forest was trapped in perpetual twilight. Here and there, brilliant splashes of color stood out among the gray. A patch of flowers, their petals a shocking electric-blue, waved gently in the mist. A creeper vine snaked around the trunk of a dying oak, long red thorns a stark contrast to the tree it was…..

Feb 6, 2011

Book Review Shiver

(Wolves of Mercy Falls)
by Maggie Stiefvater 

My view and review by Cynthia

How do I describe Shiver?
Wild. Romantic. Sensual. Tender. Poetic. Magical. Lyrical.

"A life is measured by moments like these."

Grace has a strange obsession with the wolves that hang out at the edge of her property. A wild pack lives in the woods behind her house. Grace often finds herself searching and looking for him, something familiar.


There is a book on the table,
I open it now and again.
It reminds me of many yesterdays,
spent with a dear friend.

She loved vanilla ice cream,
black coffee and sometimes tea.
She was a grand old woman
and a wonderful friend to me.

Lying on her lap, She sat in her easy chair.
My head on one side, and my feet over the other.
She sang sweet lullabies to me.
We sang hymns from the choir book...
the one She kept at home.
My bedtime stories came from the bible
and I remember her chewing gum...
Peppermint on her breath when She spoke to me.
She loved Wrigleys.

Her hair was grayer than anything I had seen.
It was almost silver and with every bit of sheen.
After all these years I still can not believe...

She is gone.

So much to tell her...so much I have done.

On Sundays Grandpa would drive us to church.
Never getting out of the car. I think he was already holy;

She and I went though and we sang.

She was already holy!

Some Sundays, mine eyes cry.

Copyrighted 2002 Cynthia E. Jones Art Copyrighted Ashley N. Jones


Photo was taken on December 25, 1968.
Aunt Hattie, Dad is holding me, and Grandpa is to the right.
I had to touch up in places, the photo is damaged and scratched.
Dad would have just turned 23 and I was almost 3.


'She' was written for Aunt Hattie. My Dad was twelve when his Mother died. Her name was Anna and she was a baby when her parents brought her to America from Hungary. After Grandma Anna died, Grandpa went through a terrible depression and he really never recovered. Aunt Hattie (Grandpa's sister) invited him and his two sons to live with her so she could help take care of them.

Feb 3, 2011

Library Thursday Blog Hop 02.03.11

Library Thursday is a weekly blog hop Hosted By Lazy Girl Reads and started to:

1. Encourage people to support their libraries when they can

 2. Meet new bloggy friends and grow your following

If you would like to hop along, visit  Lazy Girl Reads for the details.
At first, it didn't look like my library had the books I needed to read before going on with my borrowed gallies and that was a huge disappointment, so I put off reading those digital prints as they are part of series, I needed to read the first and second books before that particular galley. Then, I d
id some research and realized my library was actually participating with a lending program within our state. Every book I need is available to me. So those gallies are back on, thanks to my library.

Ruthi Reads! WoW Weekly 100 Words 02.2.11

WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDSThis week feels a bit like a re-run of last. Even as my reading falls further behind, the books of intrigue keep finding me and I keep adding to my TBR list. Some say crazy, I say magnificent! It is absolutely thrilling to have so much that I really want to read that I can't keep up! (I'm also grateful for extensions hehehe) Even if I'm foolish to think so, my challenges are still within sight (somewhat) and I'm having a blast!

 Now if I can just stop drooling over the stuff I want to read and get busy with what's in front of me :)

Feb 1, 2011


I wait among the clouds...
and my song, it does sing
my voice... it carries me
and my words... they are whispered

It is quiet for a moment
then a sound begins to peek
I hear your echos...
and my words begin to speak

I call to you... listen
a tear traces over
dripping on the edge
...a glimpse of truth

Spark the verse in me
and set my spirit free
a pen to parchment
a feathered quill

dipped in ink
before it's spill
and drippig on the edge
...a glimpse of truth

Truth © Copyright 2007 Cynthia Jones

The art is by my daughter ©Ashley N. Jones
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Blessed Be!