Mar 9, 2011

Ruthi Reads! WoW Weekly 100 Words 3.09.11

I'm reading Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar. A huge Werewolf fan here! Great for The Wytch's Mirror! My last read did not have faeries, vampires, witches, magic, or anything paranormal. However, it is Fiction With A Purpose, and I so hope you enjoy my review of Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman.  I am wondering if Nana is a Wytch, or Witch. Witches come is all sorts of flavors and Nana: The Four Crystals looks like a fantasy at first glance, but I am expecting a powerful message from Guillermo Romano. Arriving yesterday, Prophecy of the Guardian by J.W. Baccaro. Promises a battle between Light and Dark and I'm expecting the forces of good and evil at work A perfect book for this Wytch as she loves to read a magic filled fantasy.  Now, onto my Wow. Have you been? Every week we meet up at Ruthi's and share our weekly one hundred words from the book we are currently reading. See you there!

This week I'm sharing one hundred words from Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar.
WOW WEEKLY 100 WORDSSerry cringed in her bed, as noises from her dream became a reality. The wolf was at the front door. Tears leaked onto her pillow.
“Quinton. Oh, Quinton, help me!” She shook violently, as the horror of everything Wesley had put her through came crashing back into her mind. She couldn’t face it, not again. She just couldn’t.
The sound of the front door splintering reached her ears. Pulling her pillow and blanket with her, Serry slipped onto the floor and crawled beneath the bed. Now only the bedroom door stood between her and the horror that awaited her.

Book Giveaway

In Dreams by Deanna Lee Warren
Book Giveaway hosted by Brenda Youngerman

Brenda Youngerman is hosting a Book Giveaway for In Dreams by Deanna Lee Warren. You are going to love her blog -Fiction with a Purpose-. The book 'In Dreams' really sounds like an incredible read. Visit Brenda, for the complete details of this Book Giveaway and to read excerpts and highlights of 'In Dreams' along with a link to her review.

Book Giveaway Details at

Mar 6, 2011

Book Review: Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman

Disrupted Lives takes us back to a time when a man's worth was valued by the color of his skin, and a woman had to hide her intelligence with etiquette and grace. We are shown how painful decisions are made and how lives are literally ripped apart in blind attempts to actually keep lives in tact. As the years go forward, choices are made and the characters are thrown into devastating discoveries that carefully unfold before us. Arriving at modern day, we watch the characters seek and find their truths, and how they painfully struggle through realizations and coming to terms.

Mar 5, 2011

Book Review: The Iron Daughter

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

My view and review by Cynthia... A son of Winter, and the daughter of Summer. The two are never meant to exist together. It is a contrast, contradiction, and constant warring between Winter and Summer. How could a love of this Prince and Princess ever truly survive?

The imagination, creativity, and vivid description earns this book the highest marks and should be labeled as a must read. The title and cover should capture any fantasy lover's attention. That something spectacular deep within the pages and found within the lines is what will keep the reader heart bound to the book and to the series.

Mar 3, 2011

Book Review: Winter's Passage

WINTER'S PASSAGE by Julie Kagawa,

This one takes place between THE IRON KING and THE IRON DAUGHTER and follows Meghan and Ash on their perilous journey deep into the heart of Winter. Enter for more details.

Library Thursday Blog Hop 3.3.11

Library Thursday is a weekly blog hop Hosted By Lazy Girl Reads and started to:

1. Encourage people to support their libraries when they can

 2. Meet new bloggy friends and grow your following

If you would like to hop along, visit  Lazy Girl Reads for the details.

My last visit to my Library was February 18th, just one day before the ending of our Adult Winter Reading. For my reading of four books during this event I was able to pick a free book from their winter reading cart, to keep forever as my own! How awesome is that? When I arrived at first glance the books seemed to really have been picked through. As all things I was running late and just made it in the nick of time. Thankfully I did find a book and happily so. My free book is Premonitions by Jude Watson. My book actually has a different cover than the one shown. The synopsis and cover below is provided by Amazon.

Pondering with a Purpose -3

This Thursday, Brenda asks -As a caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly this week’s prompt is all about change. I want you to think about you and your life as you know it right now. If there was ONE THING YOU COULD CHANGE what would it be? It can be a moment in time, a physical feature, an argument you had ... Anything you would like.

 If I am going to think about change of any given moment or thing that I would personally like to change about myself, or my life, there are plenty and it is too difficult to select only one.

As I think deeper on it, there is something in particular that would be 'it', the one thing I would change. And, it was of my own doing, my mistake. I suppose owning it is an important factor especially so if we really are seeking change in our self or in our environment. When I was young, maybe in my teens and then again maybe even younger than that, I learned something. I learned a behavior to gain acceptance. I learned how to mimic instead of simply being myself. It did not seem obvious, not to me and I do not think anyone else noticed, but I was so far along in my adult years when I finally realized this about myself that it was almost too difficult to change. I say almost, and it is something that even today I have to work on.

Everything, meaning the nice little package I had it all wrapped up into, started to unravel when I was around 35. I would say that year was a really changing and eye opening year for me. Some say our memories that we suppress tend to resurface as our children go through the same ages or stages that we were at the time of the memory.

With all those memories I started to also place blame. I was always ready to blame someone else for my misery. Some blame is rightfully placed, for me and for others that suffer or are survivors. Once it is figured out that we are not to blame for what someone else did, either emotionally or physically, we then have an obligation to our self to take charge. Take charge of the person we are and the person we want to be.

After getting through the who's, the why's, and that I was not responsible for what happened, I realized I was pretty messed up and there was no one to get me through it but me. A lot of life had already happened by that time and things could not be taken back. Words said, things done, a life already lived. The best I could do was own my mistakes and work harder while moving forward. With that came the realization that I did not even know who I was. For all those years I suppose I was just going through the motions, to make someone else happy, never really giving thought to my own happiness.

Instead of learning to mimic, or to do things the way someone else wanted, I would have learned how to be me. If, I could have realized that twenty or twenty five years ago and figured some of this out then, so much of life may have transpired differently.

However, is differently completely what I would have wanted? I may not have met my husband and then I would not have had my daughter. It is my daughter, my only child, that has been a light. It was that tiny life that led me to a healing. It was her living, and watching her grow, that taught me how to be a better person. Lessons were learned, and yes, doing somethings over would be nice. For the most part how could I really wish for change, or to do it all differently. And, for that reason I have to be ready to take all that bad so that I can have all the good too. Everything that I lived and I know makes me, me.

That might be the standard. Many folks hurt and look back on life thinking.. 'what if'. 'Maybe if I would have done that differently'. Then we are either reminded or we remind ourselves, to change one thing is to change everything entirely.

Mar 2, 2011

Pagan Blog Prompt: Studying

The following prompt is from Pagan Blog Prompts. 'When studying paganism, or particular aspects of your chosen religion, how do you prefer to learn? Is this a thing for solitary study? Or are you the interactive learner that needs to connect with a group in order to fully understand?'

So, how do you learn more about your religion, beliefs and chosen path?

____My View___
Religion is something that people should be able to have without having to explain it, defend it, or justify it. With that said, I then ask myself... 'How does anyone learn when we are silent in observing our very right?

For myself trying to explain what it is that I believe in, or how I get there, is the most difficult thing to do. For one, I am a better student than a teacher. For another, it is never clear how people view my opinions and sometimes that makes for a very uncomfortable feeling trying to share something so mystical and founded on such a personal and individual level. Who am I to say how another person should believe. And honestly, it is going to be challenging for me to understand or to feel something that someone else personally identifies with.

Religion is personal. When it is taught especially on an organized level, so much stands to be lost in the translation of. I have even gone as far to elevate the fact that what I have is not religion at all. However, I have come to realize everyone is religious...about something. And sometimes that very notion escapes us even while we set in our mind our daily practices of that thing we refuse to call religion.

If you do not belong to a group, church, coven, or other, then you are forced to practice and learn alone. That can be very limiting and debilitating. I know first hand how difficult it is to learn and grow spiritually, while my beliefs seem to be completely nontraditional, and by most unacceptable. Then on the other hand, I fear the limitations that would surely be set by belonging to a coven. Very quickly, I have learned without a doubt that ideas are firm for most and there is little room for exploration.

Sometimes I feel I have failed with what I hoped to accomplish by blogging on a more personal or spiritual side of things. Then there are days I am uplifted with what a prompt or writing exercise triggers and sparks within. It gets that essence flowing that I desperately need and it creates a desire for me to be more informed, and more in-tuned. There have been numerous writings from others that have richly influenced me, filling me with light, love, and knowledge, creating incredible teachings, and teaching by example.

Wytching is a journal, a diary, and something personal. It is open and public because I so need the energy of others to get that bit of clearer feeling of making something happen. That would be the same energy I sorely miss without having a close nit group that share my beliefs. However, years of experience have shown to me all to well how masses are easily swayed by one. What I am afraid of not learning are the parts that some one felt were not important enough to teach.

Ruthi Reads! WoW Weekly 100 Words 3.02.11

This is a wonderful week to meet up at Ruthi's to share one hundred words!  I am very blessed to have more than one read to talk about! As I can only read one book at a time, I am currently reading Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman! And, what a great read it is! Look for more about this book such as the review, the release date, and the cover! Brenda's work never fails to pack a punch and always makes a point for the human race to take heed too. Before I share my WoW of what I'm currently reading, I would like to share some of what will be up and coming at The Wytch's Mirror with two more books I have on my immediate TBR!

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