Dec 31, 2011

A Year's Ending

To a splendid year
and all the many magical moments....
may our love for the written word never cease.
A Blessed, and Happy New Year to you and yours...

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Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice | The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice | The Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice | Fallen by Lauren Kate | Here by Wisława Szymborska | Torment by Lauren Kate | MAURIA by Steve North | Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater | The Iron King by Julie Kagawa | Winter's Passage by Julie Kagawa | The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa  | Disrupted Lives by Brenda Youngerman | Quicksilver by Joy Spraycar | Beautifully Broken by Sherry Soule | Endlessly by C.V. Hunt | Pagan by Christina Stoke (Erotica) | Naughty Bits by Selena Kitt (Erotica) | The Witch's Tits by German Alcala | Witch by German Alcala | Hart and Soul by Nice Berry (Erotica) | Tangled Past by Leah Braemel (Erotica) | Metrophilias by Brendan Connell | Prophecy of the Guardian by J.W. Baccaro | Paths of Divinity by Joseph DiCristofano | Siege of Darkness by J.W. Baccaro | Red Winter by Clark Hays | Soul Seduction by Tori Toland (Erotica) | The Chosen by Sheenah Freitas | The Next Thing I Knew by John Corwin | Holding on to Heaven by Keta Diablo (Erotica) | The Coming of The Light by J.W. Baccaro | Blood of Anteros by Georgia Cates | Toren The Teller's Tale by Shevi Arnold | The Vampire, The Witch, and The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome by Louisa Bacio (Erotica) | The Vampire, The Witch, and The Werewolf: Chains of Silver by Louisa Bacio (Erotica) | A Ranger's Tale by Mysti Parker | The Healer's Dance by Jeanette Raleigh | Tales Told Under The Covers by De Kenyon | 100 Demented, Stupid, and Weird Hiakus by C.V. Hunt | Cherry Girl by Candy Dance (Erotica) | Summer Solstice Scorchers by Whiskey Creek Press Authors (Erotica) | Summer Solstice by Eden Bradley (Erotica) | Christmas In Time by Peggy Webb |  Believe by Graham Murray | A Christmas Miracle by Willow Cross | Evergreen: A Christmas Tale by Richard Taylor | The Christmas Challenge by Linda Boltman | Madame Eve's Gift by Kate Richards  (Erotica) | A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens | The Gift of The Magi by O. Henry | Take Control by Francis Marion (Erotica) | The Best Roommate by Samantha Whitney (Erotica) | The Guardians of Rhea by Jose Rodriguez Jr. (Erotica) | Pixie's Passion by Mina Carter (Erotica) | Song of the Vampire by Carole Gill (Erotica) | The Wolf Ring by Meg Harris | The Gauntlet by Karen Chance |

Dec 30, 2011

Blog Tour: Louisa Bacio

The Vampire, The Witch, and The Werewolf

by Louisa Bacio

Book One A New Orleans Threesome and Book Two Chains of Silver by author Louisa Bacio are today's feature and presented by Bewitching Book Tours.

It is perfect really. My dream actually. A book store called Pages, in New Orleans. A sexy Vampire and a hot blooded Werewolf. Lily has all the luck.

Lily is almost thirty and she is far from purity in thoughts or desires, however because of her mother's dealings, Lily is paying a heavy price with her sexuality or lack of. Being a virgin is certainly not due to Lily's choice but rather something keeping her from giving herself to another. While trying to understand who she is and what is making her so neurotic and on the verge of a nervous break down, Lily seeks out two locals in New Orleans that she thinks can help her.

Taking her heavy heart and her issues to find some sort of resolution, she heads straight for Lawrence Justice and Trevor Pack. Two men madly in love with one another and quite open with their affections which drives Lily closer to the edge. Trev is a Werewolf and Law is a Vampire. While trying to figure out what is wrong with Lily, they discover much more about her that is right. The fact that Lily is a Witch does not keep either of the men from falling madly in love with her.

While two men falling in love with one woman might be a huge problem for most, it is anything but a problem for these two hot hunks. They have no problem sharing, and Lily needs them both. They all get a long and get it on perfectly, as if they were all made for each other. In fact it is their togetherness that heals all the wrongs for Lily. When Lily sees her mother, and her past for what it truly is, the world, her life, and her body, open up for her with new found light, allowing Lily to discover things about herself that in turn gives her the pleasures that she has been denied for far too long.

In Chains of Silver, the focus is on Trevor's sister who is also a werewolf but does not know it yet. Trevor finds her and has the knowledge that when his sister reaches her full sexuality, she will turn for the first time. He wants to be there for her and help her through her transition. When Silver comes to live with the trio, everyone is on high alert and pretty stressed because Silver is not so fond of Vampires. Silver IS fond of a certain vampire hunter and Law is uneasy of where that is going to leave him. As paranormal as it all gets, Silver still is not too keen on the not so normal stuff, and Nick that has a thing for Silver is really on the straight and narrow, down right hating all vampires and wanting them nothing but really dead.

With all of the stress, one might think the tender moments shared between Lily, Lawrence, and Trevor would be lessened. No. Not the case what so ever. The heat is turned up and the reader will be turned on. There is no loss of new, creative, explosive, hot sex, as this paranormal goes far and beyond anyone's fantasies or erotic expectations. Silver and Nick make an equally hot pair with steamy sex of their own and it is amazing when Silver turns for the first time. Both books hold true to their New Orleans flavor with plenty of paranormal activity ranging from the ghosts and haunts, to bringing back the dead with voo doo. It is not only hot and sexy, but riveting with tons of action and adventure. These two books together... perfect, absolutely perfect. 

Steamy. Suspenseful. Thrilling. Scary. Sexy. Erotic.

Buy Book One A New Orleans Threesome at Amazon
Buy Book Two Chains of Silver at Amazon


The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: A New Orleans Threesome
Book 1
By Louisa Bacio
Genre: Paranormal erotica

Haunted by paranormal abilities that she can’t control, and plagued by nightmares about a demon that seeks her soul, Lily Anima travels to New Orleans in search of salvation.

In the French Quarter, Lily dives into the paranormal world and enlists the help of an unlikely couple: a vampire, Lawrence Justice, and a werewolf, Trevor Pack.

As the trio encounters ghosts, voodoo and unspeakable evil, will Trevor and Lawrence be able to help Lily turn her powers into a gift rather than a curse? And when Lily discovers that she needs to lose her virginity in order to embrace her powers and get the demon off her back, will the twosome be able to survive as a threesome? 

The Vampire, The Witch & The Werewolf: Chains of Silver
Book 2
By Louisa Bacio
Genre: Paranormal erotica

Adopted at birth, Silver Ashe discovers her blood-brother Trevor Pack is a werewolf, with a vampire and witch for lovers. All her teachings about the evils of the paranormal Others come into question. She runs to a family friend, Nick, for help.

Nick Stake takes his hobby as a vampire hunter personally. He strives to rid the world of evil bloodsuckers. When his best friend’s “kid” sister comes to him for advice, Nick discovers Silver’s more than grown up. He battles his growing desire for Silver and blindly holds true to his convictions.

Once Silver reaches her sexual maturity, she’ll inherit her full genetic heritage and turn into a werewolf. When death comes calling, Silver and Nick must face their darkest fears in order to break free from the chains that bind.

About Louisa Bacio

Louisa Bacio enjoys soaking up the sun in Southern California, and spending time with her family.

Bacio’s work includes the Sex University series, with her debut novel Physical Education and the follow-up All-Girls Academy. Her story “Two’s Company” can be found in I Kissed a Girl: A Virgin Lesbian Anthology. Other short stories can be found in the Seducing the Myth anthology, and Rekindled: An Anthology of Reunited Lovers.

In addition to writing and editing, Bacio teaches college courses in English, journalism, film studies and popular culture.

Drop in for a visit

Dec 29, 2011

Warning Adult Content Page

I have always been intrigued with burlesque and when a striptease was a true form of sensual and sexy. Very little had to be taken off or followed through with to meet the edge of ecstasy. In my mind the association with this form of tease and reading erotic literature hold the same.

Lately, a large portion of the reading material I grab either in print or for my nook, is adult related. These reads can be any in a large range from pure smut to beautifully and tastefully written erotica, or erotic literature. And now I thought it might be time that I add that little warning.

This is to let my followers know that The Wytch's Mirror will be sharing reviews and covers of books that contain material suitable for a mature audience. Realizing that some folks simply do not want to view such material what so ever, I thought I had better release a warning. .

Most generally, I will be reviewing the same types of books that I have been reviewing and my words will be appropriate for most readers. However some authors will not wish for me to post their material if I am also sharing space with what some will view as inappropriate material. I need to give everyone a choice if they want me to post their titles and if my followers still want to follow me.

I have read and reviewed a few books already that are labeled as erotica or contain sensitive material, however their covers, product descriptions and my reviews did not contain content to give them an adult rating. I have taken on some titles that are going to change that.

What is Erotica? Erotica (from the Greek, eros "desire") are works of art, including literature, photography, film, sculpture and painting, that deal substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing descriptions. The term is a modern word that describes the portrayal of the human anatomy and sexuality with high-art aspirations, differentiating such work from commercial pornography. I found my formal answer for erotica at

Contact me with any concerns at
I have taken the liberty of saving an image to my computer that I found at the following site.
The terms read that images may be used as long as a link is provided back to the site.

Thank you for the use of the image found at

Dec 28, 2011

Book Review: Tales Told Under The Covers: Zombie Girl Invasion and Other Stories

Tales Told Under the Covers: Zombie Girl Invasion & Other Stories by DeAnna Knippling

My view and review: Have you ever been sitting quietly in a Library with everyone around you quiet and still as well? Do you ever look up from your book or your work with a feeling coming over you that all you want to do is stand up on one of the tables and just be loud? I would lose my Library card no doubt, but my point is it's that thing, or that voice, teasing or daring to do exactly what everyone would never expect. -OR- taking it a step further to say it is 'that thing' that is not allowed. Society expects everyone to walk the line and keep to a certain set of rules, even if that set of rules are the unspoken kind, the mass seem to understand how things are suppose to work and that is how things go. Everyone complies. Yes, No? Will you go Above or Below?

De Kenyon writes this collection of shorts with a voice, with a tone, that screams 'Watch out! I'm going to break the rules!' Every one of these short stories hold a fact or character that mostly is seen as normal, cute, innocent, and/or delicious. If anything.... definitely what we are NOT afraid of. Except for the zombies. I'm afraid of zombies, be it a girl zombie, a boy zombie, young, old, cute or ugly. They just scare me even if they are a girl named Max, I am going to be afraid, very afraid. Robots don't scare me as much. I even like the ones in De's story taking me a bit into steam-punk maybe, or a Pink Floyd video. Anyway, De takes what would normally be seen as 'normal' or an everyday sort of thing and turns it into a freaking nightmare. Nightmares, or freakish fairy tales with severe consequences. There are points to be made in each story and real reasons for the 'all so right' world to go so terribly wrong.

Sushi is delicious and I'm not going to be afraid to eat it BUT I will never look at Sushi the same again. And..who doesn't like a food fight though? Funny and Suspenseful. In fact, there is a lot of food, a lot of mess, and whole lot of scary, creepy fun! These shorts bring out emotions from all directions and ranging severely from squirming to huddling down in my chair anticipating what will happen next, to out right laughter. Yes. I was literally laughing out loud. The author's writing style is fun, light heartened, gutsie and gut wrenching, and just plain great. Absolutely wonderful! I really loved reading this book of short stories. Each one is really awesome. They all are completely different but all are written with a great and creative imagination and with a creepy sort of wonderful kind of way.

Scary. Funny. Outrageous. Gross. Weird. Strange. Brilliant. Wonderful.


Product Details

Ten tales of death, invasions from other realms, bullies, babysitters, liars, and the brave kids who fight back. Zombie girls who have to hide, lest they get eaten by bigger zombies. Food that bites back. Wizards who are scared of their own power. Murdered (and murderous) pets. Secret superpowers. And that last, great voyage into the unknown. Stories to be whispered under the covers, by flashlight. Stories to be read by firelight to the robots who come out of the woods. Stories to be told when the witches are ready to eat you but want to hear just one more story before they shove you in the oven. Creepy Stories. Fantastical Stories. Weird Stories.

Paperback: 162 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (October 4, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1466403896
ISBN-13: 978-1466403895


About The Author:

De Kenyon likes to cook and eat weird food that tastes good but grosses people out when they find out what’s in it, like chocolate truffles with fish sauce, fish heads, and tongue sandwiches. Her next gross-food project is going to be finding a tasty way to cook brains, which she will then feed to her daughter. She does karate with her daughter now, just in case zombies attack or her daughter gets mad about something she’s eaten. Under her other name, DeAnna Knippling, she has written Choose Your Doom: Zombie Apocalypse, a pick-your-own-path comedy adventure about brains, purple mold, and the undead in which you die...but you might just save the world.


Dec 27, 2011

Blog Tour: Shevi Arnold

Shevi Arnold presented by Bewitching Book Tours

The Wytch's Mirror welcomes author Shevi Arnold! It is my pleasure to host a stop of her blog tour and I am so excited that Shevi is sharing her introduction from Toren the Teller's Tale. Read my review here.

Welcome to you Shevi!
And thank you for being
a feature author of The Wytch's Mirror!

Toren the Teller's Tale
By Shevi Arnold

From the introduction to Toren the Teller’s Tale and previously published on the author’s blog:

The Night I Discovered the Magic of the Storyteller

Toren changed my life.

I don’t know how old I was when I first became a storyteller, but I do know I was quite young. I remember telling my youngest cousins and my older cousins’ children stories when I was about ten. I loved the excited look on their faces, how my stories drew them in and captured their imaginations and their hearts. I also remember telling stories to the younger children on the van ride to school. I particularly remember one little girl who would ask over and over, “What happened next?” It was such a delightful question to answer.

As I was growing up, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. I read encyclopedias and science magazines, because I was very curious, and couldn’t read enough about this world. I also read a ton of comic books, particular collections of Peanuts strips. My favorite books were funny, fantasy or science fiction. I loved the works of Peter S. Beagle, Ursula Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey, J.R.R. Tolkien, Gene Wolfe, Harlan Ellison, Douglas Adams, Isaac Asimov, Orson Scott Card, John Barth, Thomas Pynchon, and so many others.

But while I enjoyed these books, I kept looking for one about a girl like me, a girl who loved stories and loved telling them. I knew stories were magical, perhaps even the most magical thing we can experience. I couldn’t possibly be the only one who felt like this, could I? And who better to write about this particular magic than a storyteller? But the more I looked, the more I realized the book I so desperately wanted to read did not exist. No one had written it yet.

When I was seventeen, my family had moved to Jerusalem, and I had just started college. That first year I studied Hebrew and a variety of other subjects, like Advanced Algebra, Political Science, and Computer Programming. My plan was to eventually study filmmaking, because I wanted to be a director.

You see, I didn’t just love storytelling on paper: I loved it in all its forms, and I thought that movies were the best way to tell a story, because they brought so many of those forms together: with and without words, visually, and through music. I studied the movies I enjoyed, and I tried to figure out how they worked. I still read books, but I read them mostly for entertainment. These were books of my choosing, books that made me laugh and cry, think and feel.

This one night, a book had kept me up late. It was sometime after midnight that my head felt heavy, and I laid it down on the open pages. I looked out of the window of my room. The moon was big and full, far above the horizon. I stood up and walked to the window. I leaned on the windowsill and thought again about that book that didn’t exist, the one about a storytelling girl like me. I closed my eyes and made a wish.

When I turned around, a young woman was standing behind me in my room. Although she was short, there was something about her that seemed larger than life. She was amazingly beautiful, with her long, dark, curly hair, and her olive-colored, almond-shaped eyes. She was wearing a garment the likes of which I had never seen before.

I asked her for her name.

She said something, but it wasn’t in English. I didn’t understand.

I shook my head.

She slowly reached up and touched my forehead with the tips of her fingers. She closed her eyes, and for a moment, she gave off a golden glow. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

“Thank you,” she said, with a voice that reminded me of honey. “You have taught me your language. Both of them, in fact.”

I felt like I should apologize. “I’m still learning Hebrew.”

 “And now so am I.” She smiled. “I understand you wanted to meet me.”

“I did?”

“A girl like you who understands the magic of stories?”

I was so stunned and happy and excited I couldn’t speak.

“You have taught me your language and about your world,” she said. “How should I repay you?”

Of course, there could only be one answer to that question. “Tell me your story.” 

“I can do better than that.”

Again she touched my forehead. She closed her eyes, and I closed mine. Her name was Toren, and her story flashed inside my mind. I saw, heard, smelled, tasted, and felt all of it. When she pulled her hand away, I was laughing and crying. I was in awe.

She smiled at me and bowed her head. She looked out the window, and I followed her gaze. A part of me expected to see something magical on the other side. When I turned around again, however, she was gone.

Her story remained with me, and I treasured it. I re-experienced it whenever I was lonely or bored and wanted to be reminded of the magic of stories.

But, like everyone else, I had my life to live. I couldn’t study film, because the university only offered that as an M.A., so I studied English Literature and Theater instead. By the time I had graduated, I realized I didn’t really want to direct movies. I earned a teacher’s certificate, but I didn’t enjoy teaching. Instead I first became an editorial cartoonist, and a comic-strip magazine editor; and then I became an arts-and-entertainment writer, and a consumer columnist. I got married and had two children. I was very happy.

Unfortunately, I had to leave my job and my old life behind when my family moved to New Jersey in search of a better education for my autistic son. I didn’t know what to do. If I couldn’t write, edit, or illustrate for a newspaper or magazine, who was I? What was I?
A few months passed before I realized the answers to those questions. I was still the little girl who loved telling stories to the other children in the van on the way to school. Toren’s story had given me so much joy over the years. And I had been selfish. Somewhere in the world there had to be someone just like the girl I had been, someone who desperately needed a story about the greatest magic of all. It wasn’t just Toren’s story. It was my story, too, and the story of every storyteller who’s ever lived.
Perhaps it’s your story too.

Shevi Arnold is the magical writer of Toren the Teller’s Tale, which is available from Amazon as an e-book in two parts: book one, Toren the Apprentice’s Tale and book two, Toren the Teller’s Flight. Editions for Barnes and Noble Nook and the Apple iBookstores, as well as a print version, are in the works. The book is suitable for teens and tweens.

Shevi ArnoldShevi ArnoldShevi Arnold

If you’d like to learn more about Shevi Arnold’s wizardry, check out her blog: or her website You can also follow her on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Book Review: Toren The Teller's Tale

Toren The Teller's Tale
by Shevi Arnold

My view and review:

Little Mother.

A little girl at the age of ten with an astounding love for her siblings and with out her parents to raise them, is left to be their little mother. Ten gold pieces will buy this little girl by one wizard who is looking for an apprentice that is worthy of his gold. Seeing Toren's magic in her storytelling confirms Toren is the right choice.

This wizard makes Toren... Tor, a boy not a girl because wizards can only have boys as their apprentices. It is the storytelling that sparks the wizard's attention and he sees how special Toren is. This was an expensive
exchange, and the wizard often refers to Toren gold. I think he found more reason than that to name her so.

Toren and the wizard will go on a journey that educates the young girl about magic, her self worth, her family, and what it means to be an apprentice to a wizard. Stories and Tellers are Toren's educators. Midrosh is a school for wizard apprentices and where dragons are real. Toren wants anything but to be noticed. Try as she might to stay under the radar, a dragon finds her making her anything but unnoticed. I want to be there. It sounds beautiful.


Something I have started doing recently when writing my reviews, is to find a favorite quote and a favorite part of the book that touches me and pulls me completely into what the author is sharing. In this one, the author pulls at me several times with many quotes I would love to put into this review. They range from the importance of storytelling to the cloaks the story tellers wear and what the patches describe. Toren the Teller's Tale simply is a magnificent story with great inspiration.

My Favorite Quote
"We wizards and witches brandish magic. But we have become so obsessed with its symbols -- the potions and the spells -- that we have forgotten what the source of our hightest power is: the reading and retelling of the Shemet."


"We are all only stories you know Tor, only patches in the fabric of life."


Here, a Shemet is a story, a personal story. Everyone has one. It is not simply words told, but what makes a being their own. Knowing another's Shemet allows a connection, creates a bond and shares a knowing. To  read or to know a Shemet, there is an exchange, not completely physical but more than spiritual.

The elder story tellers teach the apprentices at the Teller's Gathering the importance of stories and how tellers bridge all things with magic of their story telling. When Toren takes the stage as Tor, I can see the images rolling around her head like a movie, projecting the words she is about to recite. Her poem then said...incredible!

My Favorite Part
When Tor (or Toren) is with Gray and they study for ways to know two sides of every argument, because a great wizard always knows more than one side and sometimes three or four. This is when Toren learns for the first time about when magic was shattered, when spells were broken and the wind carried the magic to all places. Some things became magical, and some things did not. The explanation to why magic was shattered should not have been shared with Toren until her last year of school but was found out when she reads Mordek's Shemet.

This part of the story is pretty significant for me as it is a beautiful way to describe magic and where magic may have orginated. It is also very important because Mordek is an evil part of magic and the story. The exchange between Toren and Mordek changes everything for her.

Do you believe in Magic? I think after reading Toren the Teller's Tale, you will absolutely believe in Magic.

The way this story is set up by the author is absolutely mesmerizing. The introduction is of the author telling her tale, of a visitor and a teller.  I simply adored this book and will cherish the message of magical storytelling. I loved Shevi's sense of adventure and her sense of humor. It was a fun and inspirational read. Something I will hold near and dear for a long time to come. A plus is that every chapter is wonderfully illustrated. Even with a black and white nook, this book is a visual pleasure. I love you Shevi Arnold, and I adore Toren The Teller's Tale

Product Description:

Toren The Teller’s Tale By Shevi Arnold

Have you ever been swept away by a story? If you have, you know the magic of the storyteller--and you know that magic is real. That is seventeen-year-old Toren's magic . . . but is she brave enough to accept the power that lies within her?

When Toren returns home, her little sister, Noa, is full of questions. Noa demands to know why Toren wakes only at night; what causes her almost constant pain; and above all, why, after completing her apprenticeship, she has decided not to become a wizard.  To answer, Toren weaves a tale about a journey that leads her to discover the greatest source of magic in her world--herself.  It is a revelation that comes  at a high price.  Through her darkest years, Toren finds solace and strength in the stories she tells.  But her greatest tale is not yet finished.  Together with Noa, she sets out on a new adventure. And in the end, she must choose: will she continue to cling to her dream of an ordinary life, or will she dare to let her own magic shine?

TOREN: THE TELLER’S TALE is more than an inspirational fantasy.  It is a philosophical tale about the enchantment of literature, because in Toren's parallel world there is no greater power than the magic of storytelling.  

TOREN: THE TELLER’S TALE is intended to be the first book in the Toren the Teller series.

Toren The Teller's Tale
Format: Kindle Edition
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Toren the Teller's Tale
Toren the Apprentice's Tale Book 1
Toren the Teller's Flight Book 2

About the Author
On the long boring ride to school I used to pass the time by telling stories to the younger kids at the back of the van. Most of those stories were classic fairy tales, but sometimes I would make a story up as I went along.

I remember one little girl who would interrupt me every few minutes with the words, "What happened after that?" Even when I reached the end and said, "And they lived happily ever after," she still wanted to know, "What happened after that?"

What happened after that, indeed.

It's one of those questions you can ask at the end of any story -- and get a million different answers in reply. An even better question to ask is "What if?"

"What if I lived in the Dark Ages?"

"What if dragons were real?"

"What if a storyteller didn't just tell a fairy tale but was its hero little girl lived in a tree on the White House lawn?"

"What if?"

Questions like that can inspire an infinite number of stories.

And so can boredom.

When there's nothing to watch on TV, when I'm sitting on a bus or waiting in line, when I'm lying in bed and haven't fallen asleep yet, my thoughts turn on this little television set I have in my mind. I watch new shows, new episodes of old favorites or reruns that seem to change every time I watch them. These are the bedtime stories I tell myself, and I love them.

For many years I thought I would keep these stories to myself, my private treasure I would horde forever. I was a writer. I made a living at it working at a newspaper. But writing fiction? No one gives you a regular paycheck to submit chapters of a novel week after week. You have to write the whole thing, and then maybe you sell it and maybe you don't. It seemed too big a risk to take.

I left my newspaper job when I left Israel in February 2001, and by early September I was prepared to start looking for freelance work. I sent out a bunch of query letters, but after the anthrax scare I never even got back my self-addressed, stamped envelopes.

I asked my husband, "What should I do?"

He asked me, "What do you want to do?"

I thought about it long and hard. I was a writer. I was used to working for newspapers and magazines, but that door was now closed.

"I want to write a novel," I said.

And that's what I did.

Now I'm waiting to find the answer to the question, "What happened after that?"



Dec 21, 2011

Blog Tour: Review Blood of Anteros

Blood of Anteros
by Georgia Cates
The Vampire Agápe Series Book 1

Cruel circumstances turned Curry Brennan into the wretched monster he hates and refuses to accept, but when an expected turn of events releases him from the bond of his obsessive maker, he returns to the home he knew 161 years earlier and finds the return of happiness and joy in something he didn’t know existed. 

Puzzled by his growing attraction to Chansey Leclaire, a human, he is unable to resist the captivating relationship that threatens to reveal his existence as a vampire. He eventually discovers the reason he was destined to find what he didn’t know he searched for and is faced with the cruel realization that the living and the immortal undead will always be separated by one thing. Eternity.

Brief Excerpt-

I was tantalized by mystery of her. The leech inside me came out to find prey, but found none in this enigmatic girl. The close proximity of her essence didn’t entice the monster within, so what did that make her? I had more questions than answers, but one thing was unmistakable; although she released me from her embrace, her hold on me remained.


My view and review:

It is true, the world has Gods. Even the evil ones know how to worship that which is above them, and with greater power. Every being knows how to plead for what they so desire, especially when what is being desired is so unattainable. It is the desires of Curry and of his maker Marsala, that create the happenings for Chansey. Her destiny is set by this pair on a specific night. One with such malice and evil intent, Chansey could be viewed as a curse. A curse to one, a heart's wish to the other.

She is a woman. A young, beautiful, and brilliant woman. What makes her so special? She is born for him, for only him, and as his destiny. She is meant to be his completely and entirely. She is a gift from a God, and he can not deny the gift. She is his agape.

Requited Love.

Their worlds collide but not without a dreaming of and the desiring there of. It is the wish that the heart makes and it is his wish. On that day, on the day she is born, he is free from the evils that have set him apart from being the creature, or rather the man that he so wants to be.

Blood of Asteros is written in a voice of the mid 1800's and with the vampiric charm most vampire fans want and are use to. These vampires are flesh eating, blood drinking monsters and do not tempt their fates to be close to humans. Evil and good is somewhat separated here and the good are making efforts to not kill human beings. While evil holds back on nothing. Curry knows his limitations as the true monster that he is, however it is Chansey and her being that gives Curry more human instincts and a more humanistic being. What he begins to crave and desire is new and much more human.

Curry's character keeps the story held tightly in the century that he was made, and born into the vampire world. The other character's such as Solomon, give a more modern voice and tone to this tale.

Playfully romantic, alluring and mesmerizing.

My Favorite Quote
"Marsala isn't the one that's going to keep you and Chansey apart. It's you."

I really enjoyed this book. I was completely taken back with what was happening in the beginning. A really awesome opening with a total eclipse in Mexico. The mythology made it very interesting and the evil of Marsala was intriguing. I want more of her. Really brilliant! I think this is going to be an awesome series and I am looking forward to reading book 2.


Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 250 KB
Print Length: 187 pages
Publisher: Georgia Cates; 1 edition (September 21, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Lending: Enabled

Watch Book Trailer: 


About Georgia Cates
In addition to being an author Georgia is a wife, mother of two daughters and a labor and delivery nurse. 

She recently added Paranormal Romance Writer to her list of things that keep her busy, but she is ecstatic to release her debut novel, Blood of Anteros, the first book in The Vampire Agápe Series. 

Like others that enjoy a great story of paranormal romance, she is easily bored by the tale of an obtainable, ordinary romance and was inspired to create The Vampire Agápe Series. When not tied up with family or delivering babies, she is working feverishly on the second book in The Vampire Agápe Series.  Follow Georgia on Twitter, and on Facebook.


Georgia Cates presented by Bewitching Book Tours
Presented by Bewitching Book Tours

Dec 20, 2011

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge 2011

The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge

My choices to read for this season may not be any surprise. They are favorites of mine and I cherish them dearly. The spirit of this time of year is undeniable, it tends to truly be something in the air. It is during the coldest and darkest time of the year that we are searching and reaching for things, and for those that we love, to warm our hearts and souls. We string lights to brighten our dull dreary days and to light the night. We bring out even more candles and oil lamps to warm our homes and illuminate where the dark teases to rein. It is a blessed time and one that shares a common bond of light and love. Reading, and being inspired by what this season is all about is a tradition for me. It is the one tradition that never has to change. Taking an evening when all is still, with a hot cup of pumpkin spice tea and a holiday gem to take me back, to touch my heart, and to remind me of all that I have in this life to be happy for. Yes, reading really can do all of that.

The Gift of The Magi:

One dollar and eighty-seven cents. That was all. And sixty cents of it was in pennies. Pennies saved one and two at a time by bulldozing the grocer and the vegetable man and the butcher until one's cheeks burned with the silent imputation of parsimony that such close dealing implied. Three times Della counted it. One dollar and eighty-seven cents. And the next day would be Christmas......

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens:

The most popular Christmas story ever written features the miserly Scrooge who, with the unwanted assistance of three ghosts, realizes that his cold pursuit of wealth has wasted his life. A Christmas soon to come will bring with it his death, but Christmas reminds both Scrooge and ourselves that, no matter our past mistakes, while there is a moment left of life there is still a chance to add joy to the world. This Nook edition includes classic original illustrations and a linked table of contents.

I also have a holiday list of short stories that I found at Smashwords for my nook and for free!

Last year for The Christmas Spirit Reading Challenge I signed on for the Mistletoe level.  I read and reviewed two printed hard cover books that I borrowed from my Library....

A Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson

The Christmas Candle by Max Lucado

Free Holiday Short Stories

After cleaning and cooking, I plan to settle in with some holiday reading. Here are several short stories for my nook found free at Smashwords! They are FREE, absolutely free and I think they will be fun to read and to give that holiday cheer to make the season warm and bright.

Christmas in Time by Peggy Webb
Paranormal, time travel novella, a prequel to Only Yesterday.Everybody in her family and in the Gulf Coast town of Fairhope views Gilly as a woman whose life is plain and simple, one who has been content to spoil her great-niece Ann while living out her days in Windchime House. Only her best friend Margaret knows the heroic story of Gilly Debeau.

When Ann’s Christmas gift of wind chimes catapults Gilly back in time, she finds herself seated at the café Parisiene, having tea with her Papa and enjoying her eighteenth birthday gift – passage on the maiden voyage of the Titanic. As the string quintet entertains the passengers, Gilly can’t take her eyes off the handsome, talented violinist from West Yorkshire. Under William’s spell, she falls for both the music and the musician. But does an over-protected, unsophisticated girl from Alabama dare defy convention in order to become a woman? And how will she ever explain to Papa that she is planning a future with a man she’s known only three days?

Believe by Graham Murray
Everyone knows that Santa Claus only comes when everyone is asleep. And only then if they believe in him. For a young boy called William, who no longer believed in Santa Claus, Christmas morning was a let down. He received no presents. It took an extraordinary visit from an extraordinary man to get William back on track. With a bit of help from his little sister, of course. Like everything in life, all you need is a little faith. Belief goes a long way, too.

Madame Eve's Gift by Kate Richards (adult)
Christmas Eve is finally here and Nicholas Castillo’s staff has trimmed the trees and decked the halls for the Gala. All is in readiness and even Kathryn, the pilot who is responsible for ferrying in Madame’s Eve’s 1Night Stand guests to the remote hotel in Castle Alaska has hung up her wings for the holiday. Even better, she’s Nicholas’s date for the evening.Because she lost a bet. But he’ll take a date with her any way he can get it because Nick has hopes that the Christmas spirit will help him to win over the woman he’s longed and lusted for since the first time her plane touched down outside his hotel. If only she didn’t think of him as a friend.

Kathryn wonders when Nick will take a hint. She’s even willing to put aside her comfy flying duds to don an elegant dress and stilettoes for one night if it will make him notice that she’s a woman and hopefully attractive. But in the years they’ve known one another, she’s never had the nerve to tell him she’s interested, and why would a rich, handsome hotelier, a member of the Castillo family, be interested in a woman who rarely hangs around for more than a day or two before flying off to the wilds of Alaska’s interior. It will take a heaping dose of Christmas magic—or maybe Madame Eve’s own brand—to make this one work out!

A Christmas Miracle by Willow Cross
Short inspirational story about a single mother and one very special Christmas.

Evergreen: A Christmas Tale by Richard Taylor
A dying grandfather tells the story of the first Christmas tree to a family wrenched by strife.

The Christmas Challenge by Linda Boltman
Trying to recreate a family tradition when my Grandpa Shorty took me with him to cut down and carry home the family Christmas tree, proved more difficult than I thought. Each year my children and I would traipse out to our local tree farm to pick out our Christmas tree, deck it with ribbons and bows as identifiers, then come back to cut it down in time for Christmas. Each year our Christmas tree got taller and wider. Our family tradition culminated in the Christmas my friends and family still refer to as the year of the “Mother Lode Tree”.

Dec 19, 2011

Winners! J.W. Baccaro

J.W. Baccaro
Guardian of The Seventh Realm

Thanks to those that helped Jason with his tour. He will be sending signed copies of all four books to the first place winners. Other winners are receiving PDF sets. There were several lucky winners! I think we have contacted everyone and we are just waiting to hear back from you. Enjoy your books!

Thank you! Nikki at Close Encounters with the Night Kind
Nikki's winners were Helen that gets the signed printed copies and
Julie gets a PDF set along with Rachel who also gets a PDF set.

Thank you! Kitty Bullard of Great Minds Literary Community
Larry gets the signed printed copies and Janine will receive a PDF set.

Thank you!  Seduced By Books for being a host with your guest spot for Jason.

Thank you!  Kate at Read2Review
Renee gets the signed printed copies and Crystal will receive the PDF set.

There were also two winners from The Wytch's Mirror.
Marybelle will receive the signed printed copies and Blackroze will get a PDF set.

I think I contacted everyone to let them know they won, and I have contacted Jason.
Thanks again to the hosts and to all the guests that has shown Jason love and support for his
wonderful epic fantasy series Guardian of the Seventh Realm.

Dec 17, 2011

Guest Writer Steve North and MAURIA


by Steve North

Welcome Steve North!

Thank you ever so much for being a featured author at
The Wytch's Mirror!

The circle is!
MAURIA is one of my reads from earlier in the year. Steve North remains one of my favorite authors. I have invited Steve back to share a guest spot here at The Wytch's Mirror. He made me very happy by sending me the following.


It’s been over a year since MAURIA came out, and one of the amazing things for me has been how  different people can perceive the book, than I – who saw it in my head as I wrote it – perceived it.  MAURIA deals with two very different races, the city-bound techno/political and corporate/manipulation-crazed Maurians – and the more nature-like wild Vuervee who are hunted by the Maurians.  Some people picture the Vuervee as human  with a few animal features (as I saw and wrote about them);  but others describe their view of them as completely animals—like deer or some such thing.  One reader actually pictured them as the farm creatures  in the old classic, “Animal Farm.”

         I wrote a story that in my mind took place prior to (and leading up to) Adam and Eve.  Many readers/reviewers saw the story as taking place sometime in our future!  Many say that the Maurians are what wouold happen to our world if the current corporate greed and our destroying of the environment continued unchecked.  Never saw that one, but makes a lot of sense.

         Who are the heroes and villains?  My take is that both civilizations were so extreme that neither could survive, and that only a hybrid of the two (my Adam and Eve) could create us.  Yet, some see the Maurians as functional, but for a few evil leaders; and see the Vuervee as un-survivable.  Others see the Vuervee as the only ones worthy of survival, and simply discard the Maurians as the bad guys.  I see the Maurians and the Vuervee in all of us today, constantly torn between opposite polarities like trust or fear, generosity or greed, manipulation or “going with the flow.”

         In some ways, MAURIA seems to be almost a  personal mirror for people – one that they see through their own perspective.  Oh, well, what is reality anyway?  The Circle is!

          My favorite review and interpretation of MAURIA was from Cynthia Jones right here at TheWytchsMirror.

         Anyway, it’s been so much fun hearing from everybody, and their different takes on MAURIA.  Anybody can email me at with their takes or comments.

         MAUIRIA is available on Amazon both in paperback and Kindle      “

         You can also “borrow” the Kindle version of MAURIA to read for  free during the Kindle Select Lending Library promotion – December 14th through 18th.

          by  Steve North, author of MAURIA

About the Steve North:

Steve North's versatile career includes writing science fiction stories; and writing and producing over thirty national televisions shows with his wife Barb. His published science fiction short stories include "The Sweetwater Effect" and "Days of Present Past." He has written and produced for such television shows as Fantasy, Make MeLaugh, Candid Camera, The Gong Show, Anything for Money, TotallyHidden Video, and many more. North has also written numerous documentary films for Coronet and Britannica Films, as well as two feature films, Burger Wars and Letting Go, both penned with his wife and optioned by Hollywood studios. He has appeared on numerous daytime and evening talkshows, and he has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Wired and the Los Angeles Times. Steve North lives with his wife Barb in Woodland Hills, California. Mauria is his first novel and was primarily written in the mountains of Colorado.

Dec 15, 2011

Book Review: The Coming of The Light

The Coming of The Light
by J.W. Baccaro
Guardian of The Seventh Realm
Book 3

My view and review:

Cut away the child, and you have cut the Mother deeply.

Air. Water. Fire. Earth. and there is Kaylis!

Darshun realizes even further the greatness and depths of being the one. When learning about his elvish heritage and then so his longevity, creates even further concern of his time on earth as The Guardian and what that prophecy truly entails.

A hologram of light, yellow, red, and blue. Fragments of color shooting and exploding around me. Light, colors of light, this way and that. I am captivated with 'The Coming of The Light'!

It felt as though Jason was able to get in touch with more than a feminine side, but rather a motherly instinct while writing out his story. This author writes from the depths of his character Talvenya with her connection and dire love for her son Sicarius. Now...moving into the story...When Tal, the Dark Queen and one with such dark evil inclinations, suffers a great loss, something more is severed in her. Darshun is the one that breaks her. With his killing hand, he has cracked the evil that shells her and in that breaking, there is light. Something new, something from the light and long ago surfaces, changing the Dark Queen as we have come to know her.

In 'The Coming of The Light', the battles continue with exploding arrows, pieces upon pieces of bloody flesh and raging war, deadly war! These are bloody battles and J.W. Baccaro holds nothing back with his brutal details of what war will do to a land, even as beautiful as this realm is decribed.

This is book three of five. In this third book Abaddon (lord of the dark) has all four crystals. The Dark Queen and King are shaken though. Everything that gives them power is now questioned and between them they are faltering. It looks really good for the dark side and the side of light is really feeling their end is near. Is it? Will the dark pair survive these tests and trials?

Once again, Jason gives a power house action packed read with plenty of emotion driving the plot home. And, here we meet Darshun's sister Minevara! She is really something too! A female version of Darshun, just a good looking with an intense need for battle. His is fire!, Hers is Ice, well Minevara is elvish for fire and ice. Read the book, you will love it! I find the character Minevara to match Talvenya in her sensuality, and now Minevara is taking the lead as my favorite.

In case I have not made it clear...I loved 'The Coming of The Light'! It matches the first two books in its writing. Jason surely is showing his skills and talents. It covers the questions from book two and now takes us onward, making us ready for book four 'The Sword of Righteousness', that was released on December 1, 2011.

My Favorite Quote
"Trust in what your father has taught you. Dwell not on what could have been, or the tragedies of the past. No individual makes him or herself wicked except that individual. We all have darkness inside of us, we all have light; focus on that light, and the good you know your people have done, the good you have done. This may not answer your question directly, but it is all you are getting out of me."

My Favorite Part
The Witch finally revealed her form and stood before him. She was hideous! A pale-green face having black gashes all over it oozing out greenish-white puss and dark-red blood; hair consisted of a dozen or so deep purple snakes slivering in and out of her skull, hissing and licking the dripping facial puss and blood. On of her triangular shaped ears was clogged with what looked like white fuzzy mold; the other had seemed to have been burned down to nearly nothing, like a piece of chrcoal resting aside her head. She had a long pointy nose; her torn black garments revealed a set of mangled breasts and even a third breast in place of where the belly button would normally be, and yellowish excretion slowly seeped out her skin pores accompanied by a smell beyond even death! Her eyes shone green and Caelestias tried to look away be the vines held his head in place. She walked closer to him, the snakes hissing constantly.


I have two other parts that really hit this one home, there are plenty of great parts that bring this entire story together, but these two parts are just really significant to me. When Nayland meets Darshun's sister for the first time and when Tal turns those cullach to stone saving the slave woman. The Dark Queen makes a promise to the woman before the woman dies.

5 Pendulums out of 5

Product Description:

The Wizard Crystals of the Elements have fallen into the hands of Abaddon, forever corrupted and transformed to evil. Abaddon now patiently waits in his northern kingdom for the coming of Saruinkai—the evening when the spirits of Darkness rule the night, and when he will unleash the Crystals' horrific powers against their own elements and sweep destruction across the earth.

The Light's hope now lies in the young Nasharin warrior Darshun Luthais—the chosen Guardian, for he alone carries the power to stop Abaddon's black sorcery and end the war once and for all. But to do so he must cross over into Abaddon’s kingdom, and that means destroying the one who guards the border, a Fallen Angelic Throne, the secret to Asgoth's three hundred year Rule and invincibility.

Led by the elvish lord Caelestias, Darshun and his companions must seek out and destroy the Throne, encounter a Witch, and a horde of other vile creatures, only to stir up the entirety of Asgoth, coming face to face with them, a battle that will determine the fate of the world.


Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 500 KB
Print Length: 249 pages
Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press LLC (July 31, 2011)
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Lending: Enabled

About the Author
J.W. Baccaro has written the epic fantasy series 'Guardian of the Seventh Realm'. Home is in upstate New York with his wife Melissa. When he is not creating fabulous cities such as Loreladia, he is creating music with his band. Jason spends his time with literature, gardening, the wonders of nature, the mysteries of space, and time with his family.

Author Website | follow Jason  Facebook | Twitter | Blog

Dec 14, 2011

Blog Tour: Keta Diablo

Keta Diablo presented by Bewitching Book Tours

The Wytch's Mirror welcomes author Keta Diablo! It is my pleasure to host a stop of her blog tour and I am so excited that Keta is sharing an excerpt from her erotic historical romance novel. Read my review of Holding on to Heaven here.

Welcome to you Keta!
And thank you for being
a feature author of The Wytch's Mirror!

Holding On To Heaven
By Keta Diablo

When the blazing fires of revolt ravage the countryside, Lauren and Sage McCain are trapped amid the flames of destiny. The Civil War has crumbled a Nation, and the Dakota Sioux uprising has turned southern Minnesota into a violent battlefield.

Holding on to Heaven is a story of love between two men and a woman, love between siblings, and love that crosses all boundaries and forges all cultures.

Genre: historical erotic romance set during the Civil War

Read my review of Holding on to Heaven by Keta Diablo, here.

* * *
Setup – The Dakota Sioux are on the warpath. Lauren watches from the upstairs window as they ride into the yard at Full Circle.
* * *

Lauren pressed her eyes together against the blinding beams of sunlight and drew the damask curtains closed. She plucked a pair of leather riding pants from the top shelf of her armoire, grabbed a tan cotton blouse from the dowel and shucked her dress. The ensemble would be hotter than the light cotton shift, but she felt obligated to fulfill her promise to Uncle Mason to ride out to the south pasture and round up a mare. "Damn beasts," she muttered to the ceiling. A flash of disgust crossed Nelly's eyes while she rocked little Finn in her arms.

"Ladies doan be swearin'. An' what is ya all riled up 'bout now?" "One of the mares is determined to foal beneath a blazing sun. Uncle Mason doesn't care where she has the young one as long as he doesn't have to assist in this scorching heat." "If'n the fool want to have her baby outside, let her." Nelly returned to crooning a lullaby to Lauren's son.

The po' old slave has gone to rest, We know that he is free. His bones they lie beneath his breast, Way down in Tennessee.

Nostalgia flooded Lauren. Nelly's mother, Daphne, had sung the same words to her as a toddler. About to leave the room, she pulled the knee-length boots over her calf when loud voices from the yard stopped her in mid-stride. She pulled the draperies back and glanced to the porch.

Her uncle crossed his arms; his face was redder than a beet. "You best be on your way; we want no trouble here." Lauren's gaze drifted to Aunt Estelle while she inched her way toward her husband. She looked beyond them and realized why panic etched her aunt's refined features. Five warriors had ridden into the yard, their faces painted in garish shades of red, yellow and black. Shouts in the Dakota tongue shattered the quiet morning. Her stomach pitched violently and her lower lip quivered with rage when a savage raised his rifle and delivered a bullet to Uncle Mason's chest. A sickening thud echoed in her ears the moment he hit the floor of the porch.

"No-o-o!" screamed Estelle.

Another shot exploded from a nearby rifle and Lauren's knees buckled. Her aunt teetered for a moment and then collapsed on top of her husband. A flurry of activity broke out on the ground. War cries split the air when the leader slipped from his horse, yanked the tomahawk from his waistband and crept toward her loved ones with the nimble grace of a cougar. Hank ran from the barn with his rifle aimed at the red man's chest. He died where he fell; shot from behind by a brave near the corral. Justus met a similar fate when a hatchet—thrown with deadly accuracy—landed between his shoulder blades. Paralyzed with fear, Lauren retched when the enemy slid from his horse and finished the job with his scalping knife.

"Lawdy, Lauren, who be doin' all that hollerin'?"

Choking back the bile in her throat, she dragged her gaze from the window and turned to Nelly. "Take Finn and hide. Don't come out, no matter what happens." "Who down there?" Nelly's round eyes grew whiter than cotton bolls. "Never mind about that now. Do as I say, and quickly!" Lauren fled from the room like a woman gone mad and bounded down the steps three at a time. Upon reaching the porch, she ran to her aunt and uncle and knelt beside them. "No! This can't be happening! Aunt Estelle!"

High-pitched shrieks reached her ears as the Indians pranced their ponies around the yard; the bloody scalps dangling from their spears. The leader stood at the top of the porch steps, his obsidian eyes hard and cruel; his face impassive. Lauren rose to her feet, head up, chin out, and faced him. Dressed in caramel buckskin pants and high-top moccasins, he struck a terrifying pose. A dark blue vest covered his torso, adorned with beads in the shape of an oak tree and acorns. A breechclout of the same fabric hung from his narrow waist, and over his right shoulder, a pouch made of buckskin and porcupine quills danced beneath the glare of the sun. Three black and white feathers stuck out from behind his left ear, lying flat against his shiny black hair. His features strong and fierce, his dark eyes pierced her with a sinister look.

She glanced to the rifle propped against his left shoulder?the one he used moments ago to kill Mason and Estelle. Their eyes locked again, and while she trembled beneath his bold perusal, he remained as stoic as a marble statue. With a flick of his wrist, he set his warriors into motion. Racing toward the outbuildings, they lit the torches in their hands, their bloodcurdling screams nearly bringing Lauren to her knees.The hostile looked down at her aunt and uncle before capturing her gaze again. Although terrified of the hatchet he held in the air, she stepped in front of Estelle and Mason's bodies; refusing to surrender to mutilation of her loved ones. A brief flicker of admiration passed through his ebony eyes before he lowered the hatchet and gave a brief nod.

Book Review: Holding on to Heaven

Holding on to Heaven
by Keta Diablo

My view and review:


Two sisters, twins. Two paths, two lives and two societies, one gentle and refined while a piece of heaven to hold on to waits in the rugged wilds.

War changes lives. War changes everything. War and wars, the battles fought between men and the battles of the heart will dictate these characters, their lives and their story.

Lauren and Creed. ~When their passion exploded for the first time, when her passion exploded for the first time, it matched the wilds of that land. It had to be there, in that rugged forsaken place with a man equally so. By no other terms could her heart have been held captive, and by no other terms could she have lost herself to another in such a way.

Sage and Wanapaya. ~Native. Earthly. Mystical and Spiritual. Sizzling. Disciplined.

Lauren's fate, or destiny to leave the comforts of her home in Carolina to touch a real piece of heaven, and in doing so she truly did. In all of Lauren's reality it was the war starting in the South that gave cause for her to venture out and away from 'home', and it would be that very war that would tear her new found world apart. Another kind of war would rip at her very essence and test the core of her bindings. It is the war of the heart that in the end will set her free to live and love.

Sage's world seemingly to her is known and undisturbed, until something, only a hint is revealed opening to her a question. When time is ready, more is shown and thankfully for the love and grace that her life has supplied, she takes what is given.

What we the readers will be left with is the tugging and needing to know... where will Brand fare in the ravage battle between men, and will Lauren allow Creed to love her as he wants to and as Lauren so deserves.

Lauren finds a sister. Sage finds a father and family. In their discoveries, they find each other and a life that was stolen from them. The hell that reins during these discoveries will manifest more feelings and encounters than either could have dreamed or imagined. Both women face dire straights that surely test who they are.

My Favorite Quote
"Men and their wars." Unshed tears gleamed in Lauren's eyes. "They leave you no hope, nothing to hold on to."

There is great loss, tragedy, love, passion, and warmth with some cheerful moments. I wept at times and I absolutely loved Holding On To Heaven! I clung to every word and found it highly erotic where it needed to be, and extremely tasteful, written in a southern voice, with a matching charm. The characters seemed very true to that time period being the 1800's.

The erotic scenes are extremely hot and explicit love scenes. Keta Diablo filled the pages in between those erotic pleasures with such thrilling detail that I did not hunger for more. My mind was filled with the passion of the story itself, and that passion was driven from the depths of the characters. Although it is fiction, the time period is depicted true and well, making the fantasy seemingly possible. An absolutely wonderful erotic historical romance.

This has to be part one because the ending is wide open. In my opinion it ends perfectly though and leaves me now searching and waiting with desperation to read on.


Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 407 KB
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services
Language: English
Lending: Enabled


About Keta Diablo
Keta lives in the Midwest portion of the country on six acres of beautiful woodland. Here, she communes with nature; eagles, owls and loons (the winged version). There's a lovely environmental lake on her property named after a famous Native American chief, and the locals insist burial grounds from 150 years ago exist in her woods. Hmm. Maybe it's not always the wind she hears howling at night.

When Keta isn't writing she loves to read and garden and spends far too much time at the local animal shelter trying to wrangle a way to adopt them all. Two years ago she adopted Emma LaPounce, a mid-life feline who was in crisis when her long-time owners moved out of town, took their furniture but left her behind. Go figure! Hours before Emma was to journey to the other world, Keta adopted her, and now she runs the entire darn house.

You can find her sitting outside in the summer months with her muse plotting her next book.

Keta writes erotic romance and gay fiction for multi-publishers (too many). You can find out more about Keta and her books at her website. Sign up for her monthly newsletter to be eligible to win books she gives away every month. Also go to Keta's Keep and follow her on Twitter, and on Facebook.

~ Website ~ Blog ~ The Stuff of Myth and Men ~

~*~ Where the Rain is Made ~*~

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