Apr 26, 2012

Plant A Tree

In honor of Earth Day that was April 22 and although I am late with my personal recognition, earth day should very well be every day of our lives, if we truly care about the life of our planet. 

We do not always have to agree with the politics behind someone's reasoning, but the end result should benefit all. If you can see that, then you are visionary and the world needs you. Do not be afraid to take a stand for something that will make a difference. 

Here's an easy way for you to help the planet.


This is really quick, and painless. If someone is willing to do the work, pay the price, and all you have to do is click your mouse, why would you not take the few seconds that it takes to do this and plant a tree?

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From now until the end of the month, CREDO Action will plant a tree for every new person who joins them on Facebook by "Liking" their page. So if you become a fan of their page, they'll plant a tree on your behalf.

If you have a Facebook account, it's really simple.

First, click here to go to their action page.

Once the page is loaded, click the "Like" button under the words "CREDO Mobile on Facebook" at the top of the box on the right side of the page.

That's it!

Trees are great for the planet. And CREDO Action Facebook fan page is an important part of how they run their campaigns at CREDO.

Every day, the political team at CREDO posts the articles they're reading to their Facebook page. Then they look to their Facebook fans — that's you and me! — for thoughts on the issues, and they often take our opinions into account when they decide what campaign to pursue next.

This original message came to my inbox from
Matt Lockshin, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


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Apr 25, 2012

Earth Elemental Series

Earth Invocation
written by Cynthia Jones

Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North.
Keeper, and bringer, of the Earth.
Bring life. Fertility. Of your bosom.
Summons. Calling of thee. Stir.
Blessed Mother Earth.

Nourish. Give Hope. Fruition.
My Earth, my mother, my ground beneath my feet
you are the dirt in my nails and what nurtures me.
Growth of all things, life to death, earth.
Blessed Mother Earth.

Hold my body to yours, firmly.
My feet touch to your ground,
Planted. Soil, nurtures, feeds
sow, work, planting seeds.
Blessed Mother Earth.

Creatures of yours,
squirm, roll, walk and crawl..
giving life force, energy.
Nurtured. Growth. Live.
Blessed Mother Earth.

Seasons echo, imitate yours
born in spring with all new life
warm and glowing for all..

Under the moon on summer night
green to yellow, red, and brown
when the earth turns to fall..

And die... with the cold again
in rest, until time to begin
Blessed Mother Earth.

So mote it be!
written by my hand on this day april 25 2012


This is part one of an Elemental Series to include all five elements including
Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit.

Earth Power is within the planet and can be obtained through stones, trees, plants, water, fire, wind, and everything that makes up our earth.



(The following facts and details were found at Natural Magical.)


ASSOCIATIONS: Stability, food, wealth, crops, animals, home, mountains, strength, grounding, protecting, nature, death-rebirth

QUALITIES: dry, cold, heavy, passive

GENDER: feminine, receptive

MAGICAL POWER: To be silent

COLORS: brown, black, green

ARCHANGEL: Uriel-Auriel



ANIMALS: most four-legged, animals that go by night

PLANTS: Celtic trees - Ash, Dwarf Elm, Hawthorn. Herbs - Patchouli, Vetiver, Wheat Natives - Bald Cypress, Inland Sea-Oats, Texas Persimmon, Elbow-bush, Indiangrass

STONES: Amazonite, Emerald, Hematite/Hematine, Jade, Jet, Lodestone, Malachite, Peridot, Serpentine, Turquoise

METALS: (Iron), Lead, Mercury

MYTHOLOGICAL BEINGS: Giants, Leprechauns, Trolls


TAROT SUIT: Pentacles/Coins/Discs

TAROT TRUMPS: Devil, Empress, Emperor, World

RUNES: Fehu, Wunjo, Jera, Berkano, Mannaz, Othala

ZODIAC SIGNS: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

PLANETS: (Jupiter, Saturn)

HOUR: Midnight

DAY(S): (Thursday, Saturday)

SEASON: Winter


ALCHEMICAL SYMBOL: downward pointing triangle bisected by horizontal line

TATTWA SYMBOL: Yellow Square


MAGICAL TOOLS: Pentacle, Rock, Hammer, Salt, Shield, Drum


TYPES OF MAGIC: Household, Prosperity, Ancestors, Fertility, Grounding, Protection, Eco-Magic

POSITIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Reliable, punctual, stable, perserver, wise

NEGATIVE CHARACTERISTICS: Greedy, sensualist, materialistic, stodgy, narrow-minded

OVERBALANCE: Boring, tunnel-vision, materialistic

UNDERBALANCE: Unreliable, careless, tasteless


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Apr 17, 2012



Cynthia Jones

Never heard.
Never asked.


Hide the fetish,
keep the mouth clean.

wouldn't want to hear it..
wouldn't want it seen..

-SHAME- is a lie.
be true to thine self-

can not control, get abused
can not relate, get accused

Like a bum on the street...
dance for a cup of change.

JUST a beggar's plea...
To the world... just strange...

I'll drink from his bottle
his wine will keep me warm

I'll sleep in his box
his shelter from the storm

It aint much but I'll take it
it aint anything compared to....

                                                  like the fucking tax man -hands already full...

-always passing judgment

Copyright 2006 Cynthia E. Jones


 art by Selina Fenech, and find more fantasy art at Enchanted Designs

Cynthia Jones

Listen for the whispers...
as they come across our lips,
after the kisses...
across.. our lips

of dew on the grass,
moist and wet...
and yet; not there,
not really there at all.

Soothing to the touch,
as fingertips tickle...
the blades of green...
felt.. but not seen.

Droplets from the sky
as the clouds cry,
to wet the dust
of yesterday;
and tomorrow

...brings the day light.

All that is... is memory.
She rides the wind of time
in search of a place
to reside.

Copyrighted 2000 Cynthia E. Jones

Enchanted Designs Fairies, Mermaids, and More.

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